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    Default Yet another dog food question- sensitive stomach?

    Sorry for starting yet another thread on dog food, but hoping for some suggestions/advice on what to try for a client's dog.

    He's a Cockerpoo just over a year old. His owner bought him from a puppy mill (not intentionally, but still idiotic of her), so he has a whole host of issues. He has some sort of digestive problem, where he doesn't seem to process food as quickly as he should. His owner has tried different kinds of food (but cannot remember what brands she tried), and now the vet has him on the dreaded Science Diet sensitive stomach formula, along with Pepcid and Reglun
    (Metoclopranide-To help his stomach push food thru). The dog does have a very sensitive stomach, and often times will throw up bile after eating or at random times. I seem to remember reading that vomiting bile is a common side-effect of corn intolerance in dogs. Guess what the first ingredients are in the S/D? Corn, corn meal, rice and then chicken. Utterly ridiculous food to give any dog.

    So any ideas of what type of high-end, grain free food to try, that is specifically for dogs with digestive problems? Of course, the stomach problems may be the same regardless of the food, but those S/D ingredients are terrible, so I'd like to see if we can get him on something that is at least healthier.....
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    Taste of the Wild High Prairie formula or Pacific Stream formula.

    Switch foods gradually over a 2 week period to avoid diarrhea. Have a couple of cans of pure canned pumpkin on hand, to give a couple of tablespoons if he gets diarrhea.

    You won't see any difference if it is grain related, until after the dog has been on just the TOTW for a few days.
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    And if they haven't already, get them to pull fasting blood and send out an Texas A&M digestive panel! Can really help to determine the root CASUE of the sensitivty, i.e. is there a pancreatic insufficiency or just food intolerence. And while vomitiny bile can be helpful in the diagnosis, the only thing it means for sure is that the dog is still vomiting.

    You can also look at Natural Balance L.I.D diets, they have a fish and potato, or duck and potato etc. Also Royal Canin and Eukanuba make some veterinary diets that are helpful with GI sensitivities, and are definatly better than Science Diet! Plus R.C. is taste gauranteed, which means if they won't eat it take it back!

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