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    Dec. 20, 2007

    Default Dent in horse's bum and strange new lameness

    Went up to ride yesterday and noticed what looked almost like an indent on my guy's bum, fairly high up near the hip bone. It's about a finger length and width, and is firm to the touch, but not hot. Went in to ride, thinking an easy ride would help, but as soon as I got trotting, it almost felt like his back was lifting like it would when he poops. Very strange feeling. Tried again, same reaction. Got off, pulled tack off and turned him loose in the arena to see how he moves. He is stepping short on that hind leg and the hip on the denty side is dropping lower than the other, cross cantering and lead swapping behind. He did, however have a long, grunty roll after he ran around a bit, and is happy to trot and canter around, and had enough "feel good" to buck and squeal.

    He is VERY reactive to any sort of pressure over his hips on both sides, dropping his back/moving away. I'm wondering if he got kicked pretty hard and it's done something to his hip?

    Vet is coming on Monday to check him out, but I'm wondering if he got kicked hard enough to jolt something out of place, or maybe he fell in the paddock?

    Any suggestions on what could cause this, and should I be doing anything for him in the meantime? I didn't bute as I don't want anything to potentially mask lameness for the vet. Thanks everyone!

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    Mar. 24, 2007


    Sounds like a mark from a kick.....they tend to be a permanent....I bought a mare that had a dent in her said likely a kick......your guy is probably bruised and sore from the kick.


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    Dec. 20, 2007


    But would that account for him dropping his hip when he walks?

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    Sep. 8, 2007


    My old vet in NC told me a dent in the rear end like that can signal a muscle tear. That may be the reason for the lameness.

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    Nov. 13, 2002


    I am another vote for a kick and he is muscle sore from being kicked which is making him move funny to make it hurt less
    My guy has a permanent dent in his butt- no biggie (not saying you should not have the vet out but my guess is this is the most likely scenario)
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    Dec. 31, 2009
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    Count my horses in too for having various permanent bumps and blemishes. My Quarab's got a permanent dent in his chest, somebody else (can't recall who, even) has got a permanent dent on their neck I believe it is. I have a permanent dent (invisible now, but I can still feel it) in my right thigh from a good kick from a horse on the track. And you can bet your butt I was hobbling around the next week and a half. It happens. Of course they'll be sore for a bit afterwards and will compensate in some area (such as dropping a hip). Wait it out, if it persists, call the vet. I would call a reputable and knowledgeable chiro first though, as such a hard hit will likely cause a pelvis or such to be out of alignment and could also be the reason for the dropped hip. It would be my first course of action since it would be the most likely and is the least expensive solution. Then should the lameness persist, I would call a vet and do further diagnostics.
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