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    Default Heading to Aiken, starting the packing list

    I've never hauled my own horse this far before. I'm heading from New Hampshire to Aiken next month, and I'm starting to do my prep and packing now. I'm terrified I'm going to forget something. It's also the first time I'm going to stop at a horse hotel.

    Currently my list is:

    - Coggins (with spare copies)
    - Health certificate
    - First aid kit (with banamine and ace in case of emergency, I'm already cleared to give IM shots)
    - supplements
    - grain, including extra days
    - hay, including extra in case of delay
    - water, including extra in case of delay
    - shipping boots

    - all the other usual stuff for a clinic (tack, blankets, rider equipment, vest, etc)

    Is there something I'm forgetting? Do I need to carry proof of her rabies shot and other vaccinations or anything like that? - My Ventures Into Eventing

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    Oct. 13, 2010
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    I would have your horse's vaccine records too...but I am a huge, notorious over-packer. I've never had issues, though. But I always think "just in case"...

    Isn't it the boy scout motto... Be Prepared? should be the horsemans' (womans') too.... (;
    proud momma of an evil grey QH/Arab who can jump the moon... and he stole my heart

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    Extra halter and lead rope - never leave home without 'em.
    You're entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts!

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    Catie - where and when are you leaving? I leave from Hopkinton NH Midnight Friday the 25th. We could trailer-pool together!

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    This isn't related to hauling Fiona down, but print a couple copies of the various dressage tests. Remember last year I was the only one who had them?

    Check & re-check your tack. Last year Paul forgot Fergus' bridle!
    -Debbie / NH

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    Catie, how long will you be in Aiken? Where are you stopping along the way? Aiken is such a cool town, there are tack shops and grain stores. Hay and shavings are available there, too. I always take my own hay-it is quite pricey down there but otherwise, anything you forget you can get there, if necessary.

    Pack as though you're going to a distant event like Stuart or Millbrook. In other words, take everything you own that you have used in the last 12 months. On the front seat, your health certificate, vaccination records, Coggins, map. Dogs going too? Their records also. And leashes. And water bowl. Extra halter and lead with chain a definite. Where's your horse staying when you get there? I like to have my own pitchfork, broom, wheelbarrow, buckets. Plus you'll need these for your overnight. Clothes if your horse wears them-I like a rain sheet, a cotton sheet, a stable blanket, an Irish knit, a quarter rug. Grooming stuff, shampoo. Saddle pads, galloping boots, polos? "THEY say" not to put shipping boots on for long distance but I can't help myself when shipping myself. I have the big Dover boots-I think the risk of them binding the legs is much less than the risks involved with bare legs..Keep all things you need for the overnight in an easy to reach place. Horse food, clothes, etc., dog food, your PJs and toothbrush. You'll be fine. No need for terror, just think it out, make some lists, plan for disaster and you'll have an easy time. I'll be down there before too long, sutures come out tomorrow, hand walking to commence in 2 weeks....Then we're blowing this town to take a walk in the Aiken sun! Have a good trip.
    Proud and achy member of the Eventing Grannies clique.

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    I TOTALLY read your thread's topic as "Heading to Aiken, starting the PANICKING list."

    Extra boots...for you. Nice boots for riding in clinics, hideous boots for doing chores, boots for mud, etc.

    Every type of clothing possible to layer, layer, never know when it's going to be chilly in the AM and very warm in the PM.

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    Aug. 17, 2005


    Dressage tests! Lots and lots of dressage tests. No one's going over BN, right? So there's only two tests we need to worry about, and probably the two intro tests in case anyone needs those. I've taken to hauling extra tests around in my coat bag, but I won't have that with me. Good thinking, Debbie.

    Oberon, yes, panicking would also be accurate. I just noticed the fact March is next month. It was a stunning revelation. Definitely need to pack lots of extra footwear.

    RiverBendPol, I'm heading down to see my trainer, so the set up once I'm there should be fine. I'm just in a mild panic about taking the princess so far from home. No dogs, either, and only one horse to ship with two drivers. It should be so simple, but it seems like a very long trip.

    Sharri, I'm heading down on the 19th for a camp on the 21st. We'll already be down and settled, unfortunately. Thanks for the offer! - My Ventures Into Eventing

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