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    May. 1, 2010

    Default Horsey Moms riding after kids leave home?

    My daughters are older now and no longer compete, and one is off at college. I still love my time at the barn so I am taking up riding! Any other moms out there in the same situation?

    Of course, I will not be jumping but hitting the trails with a group of trail riding ladies. Oh, and I am riding my daughter's "retired" jumper!

    What do you it our time now?!

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    Apr. 10, 2006


    You know I am at the other end of things, but I wanted to say ENJOY! Go get yourself a nice horse and have fun....
    We couldn't all be cowboys, so some of us are clowns.

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    May. 1, 2010


    lol! I am having fun! My horse (ahem, my daughter's horse) is super quiet, loves the trails, and is a total babysitter! I can almost see him roll his eyes when he figures out I am the one riding. HA! If I could get the weather to clear up I would be out there more often! Where is summer???

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    Sep. 23, 2006


    Yep, it is our time, and that's just what I have done! Always wanted a horse as a kid, and then lived through my daughter. She's on her own now, and I just bought my own horse about five months ago. I think I'm going to forever be the wimpy overweight middle-aged beginner, but I enjoy it! And have even started to show with our barn's adult equitation league, and am looking forward to showing with my boy (just w/t and crossrails) this spring. Have fun!!

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    Feb. 2, 2010
    Neither here nor there...


    The mother of the girl I'm half leasing from does just that!

    She rode as a kid, then took a hiatus while her daughter was riding, but always loved being at the barn and hanging out. Now that her daughter is away at school, and I'm half leasing, she comes out several days a week and trail rides and works on some basic dressage stuff at the walk and trot.

    She's having a blast, and the horse is reliable enough for her to have fun safely. He's only 13, so not retired or anything, but a rather steady eddy. Takes quite a bit to make him spook or come unglued. The BOs tell me she's out for several hours at a time each day. She's having a blast!

    I say go for it!

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    Feb. 23, 2003
    Norcross GA


    My mom has always ridden but resigned herself to horse show mom with the occasional trail ride on my horse for his sanity. When I went off to college, she started trail riding other peoples horses for them and announced that she was making her own barn friends. Halfway thru school I bought an otto as resale project and sent him home to be a trail horse for awhile. A year later she bought him from me. The rest is history and we are boarders at the same barn with many of the same friends!
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    Sep. 12, 2006


    I personally can't wait until my daughter moves from a pony to a horse so we can share

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