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    Jul. 30, 2005

    Default Volvos do not make good towing vehicles...

    My truck went to the garage today for its yearly MOT test. (Yearly safety inspection that's required by law here.) My Dad kindly lent me his Volvo estate to use until Monday night.

    Anyway, I went and picked up a load of bedding this morning, and parked the trailer up in my yard. Went to unload the bedding a couple of hours ago, and I'd parked it too close to the wall to get the ramp down.

    Dad's car has a towbar, so I thought 'I know, I'll hitch the trailer up and move it forward a couple of feet.' (This should have been where I stopped and realised that it wasn't a good idea. ) Got it hitched up with no problem, pulled forward to much engine noise, then decided it wasn't a good idea and braked... only, not so much.

    The damn trailer was pushing the car. Hit the brakes again, and got stopped... Not fun though, even at less than 5mph.

    Heh, I feel like a real idiot, but no harm was done- the car's fine, the trailer got moved to where I wanted it (give or take a few feet), and no-one was hurt. I'll just be -really- glad to get my truck back.
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    Apr. 14, 2006
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    One time yeeeeeears ago, (1975) we got my M-in-L's big station wagon stuck in the mud about 4 miles down the power lines. (we took it down there to get a load of wood we had cut) Trudged home, got my Volvo station wagon. Drove it down to the other car. Tied them together with a big poly-pro line, started towing. Volvo dug right in and stopped, up to her hubs in mud. Had to call our landlord to come haul both cars out with his tractor!
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    Jul. 11, 2004


    I helped a friend drive her trailer 40 miles once...using her tow vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee. wasn't fun, didn't have enough power, had no equalizing/anti-sway hitch...luckily, the trailer was empty.

    Phew! made me appreciate my towing truck.
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    Oct. 2, 2007
    Beyond the pale.


    well, you can't have everything. A friend survived a 60 mph head on crash in her volvo wagon...don't know if she ever tried to tow anything with it though.
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