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    Jan. 16, 2011
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    Default Buying trailer from in-laws.... HELP!

    In a totally ironic twist, we are buying my in-laws bumper pull aluminum skin 2 horse trailer. It is a brand called throughspirit and it is a slant load with walk through and a front separate dressing room.

    (The irony is that I have been wanting a trailer FOR EVER and only now, that I live out of the US and the in-laws have theirs to sell b.c. they just upgraded, DH has decided it's a good time to buy one....)

    Anyways, I need help on two items: the first is if $5000 is a reasonable price to pay for it. It's 10 years old and is in really good shape and I know the maintenance on it, so at least it's a familiar sale.

    The second thing is how do you actually document this sale. The trailer is going to stay in Florida until we move back to the US later this year, and then we have to get it from Florida to Texas if I decide to haul the horse to Canada for our next assignment (see my other post...). If we go the professional route for shipping, we then have to dump the trailer again, and I just wonder about the difference in sales price.... My suggestion to my DH is that we get the upside and downside out of the trailer... ie we buy it for $5000 and we can sell it for whatever we get if we have to sell it.... what I don't want to happen is that if there is a loss on it, we have to absorb it, but if there is a gain, we spilt it with the in-laws.... am I being picky? I just don't want to start family issues over a $5K trailer, but this is just the thing that starts family issues, so I figure let's all agree before we give them the cash.

    And DH is going to be in Florida next week, so gotta figure out how to do this ASAP.

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    Thinking about what 2H bumperpulls go for, $5K sounds like a really good deal.

    It sounds like it makes little sense for you to buy a trailer right now. But you could look around in the interwebz for "comps" and see how much you'd be likely to spend if you passed on this one and bought a similarly one later when the timing was right for you.

    I'd buy it outright and figure out what to do with it later. I think a deal that takes may or may not take some undisclosed amount to money out of your in-laws' pocket way after the fact is a recipe for disaster.

    Your DH and you need to think of it this way: The $5K is an investment. You take the risk that you'll come out even later if you sell it. You also might even make a bit.
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    You obviously already have a tow vehicle that you store. If trailer is clean, greased, tires covered and stored out of direct sun it will last you more than $5K.
    Also you sure as heck can haul the horse and ALOT of personal possesions to Canada.

    Documentation is..a bill of sale and title in you name a 1stop 1 day process @ DMV. Mailed to where ever you want for safe keeping.

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    If the trailer is in really good condition and you will need it in Canada you could probably have it shipped fairly easily. Then you won't have to repurchase one or store it. Maybe you could ship the horse and trailer to the same place in Canada, then trailer horse from there.
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    First you wire the money to Nigeria as apparently that is the clearinghouse for all international trailer purchases

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