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    Question Getting Sponsorships

    Hello thread, I'm inquiring for a friend and I'd like to rack your brains. What is the easiest and most effective way to get a sponsorship when you are not Beezie Madden or do not run a full barn with clients? We are talking, either a junior or adult hunter/jumper with a nice horse(s) and not all the funds to take them where they want to go.
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    ...not to be a jerk, but I recommend you do some spell checking before you contact any sponsOrs.

    Other than that, reach out to companies. Have a concise letter of what you are offering them, and a list of potential things they could offer you. (i.e., they provide saddle pads for your use, but the pads have that companies name on them.)

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    the eventing forum is a great place to go search for this topic.

    we talk about it to death.
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    You should try a forum search on this topic. It has been discussed many times before.
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    I don't know your situation, but keep in mind, adult amateurs can not accept sponsorships.
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    Sponsorship is a business arrangement, not charity.

    In order to attract sponsors, you must be able to offer them something that is of value to THEIR BUSINESS.

    Generally that means that the sponsored rider's endorsement of the company's product enables them to sell more, or sell to a different audience, etc.

    If you can demonstrate that there is a return on investment to be had by sponsoring a rider, it is possible to obtain a sponsor... assuming that return on investment is higher than the return offered by other ways they might spend that money (say, on advertising, marketing, promotional events, etc.)

    Frankly the endorsement of someone without a substantial record or a barn full of clients is probably of very limited value to most businesses.
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