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    Default Best ice melt to use around horses

    Title just about says it all, looking for a safe way to melt ice around the stalls, this is an area they can't avoid, so should I just put sand or cat litter to give them some traction or is there a safe melting chemical that can be used. They don't stand around in it all day just need to cross over it to get to and from their stalls. Thanks for any suggestions, if this has already been asked/answered I apologize couldn't find it.
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    I don't think I would use salt at all; I would be concerned about ingestion.

    When I have ice patches I use Cherrystone grit from the feedstore(you can get it sized for chickens or turkeys...I use chicken because the turkey version seemed to have pretty big particles). This seems to give good traction.

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    A large TB farm that I worked at used ammonium nitrate on walkways. At the clinic we just use regular driveway salt. These are not areas that the horses have free access to though, so ingestion is not a concern.

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    Urea - it's actually a fertilizer but it melts ice very well. (I use it at home on my walks and stairs and have had no issues with animal paws or burning of my lawn - if used judiciously.)

    I get mine at the feed store up here. And it's much less expensive than the fancy "ice melters" in the special shaker containers that cost a fortune.

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