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    Default It's "Broach," not "breach" !!! Neb. horse slaughter headline

    Hi -

    Need to fix that word use, please. Sorry to say, but I see more mangled text, typos, etc., in The Chronicle of the Horse than any other, horsey or not, publication. Seems to be an emphasis on getting that opinion out there over being educated in grammar and punctuation.

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    Source #1:
    ...breach is a break, violation, or gap; there can be a breach of trust. And breach can be a verb: They will not breach the contract. (The past tense is breached.)

    Unfortunately, breach is often confused with broach. To broach is to open or break into. One can broach a subject or broach a keg of liquid.

    Source #2:
    To breach a thing is to break through it. That is why Henry V urges his comrades “once more unto the breach,” to break through an enemy’s lines or wall. The word can also be the noun for the opening in the defenses. One can also breach a contract — break it — by failing to adhere to its provisions.

    There is sometimes also a confusion with broach, which means to break something open by making a hole in it. (Same root as brooch, the Middle Latin brocca, a spike or point, the thing one uses to make the hole in a container.) One broaches a keg of beer.

    So, that's clear as mud!!

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