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    Default Fame and the Horse World

    Granted, fame in the horse world in the US is MUCH different than in Europe, but I still had to wonder about it. In Hollyweird the people seek out fame (mostly fortune, but fame too). They actively pursue it and want the accolades, etc.l

    In the horse world, are people thrust into being famous because of how good they are, how many lucky riding breaks they get, how talented their horse is, etc.? Or are the people seeking to be the best in their sport so they can be famous? I mean actively looking for the horses/rides, chances to be known as the best and get in the limelight?

    Just a thought. And wondering if anyone else had thoughts about this topic.

    (It is funny that even in Hollyweird there are some who just like acting and seem to be thrust into the limelight. But it does seem that a majority are not that great at acting and are instead seeking the fame aspect more than the opportunity to act.)
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    I can say that from all the 'famous' riders I've met in Europe, it's definitely not for the lime light, like you said. But the 'famous' ones I've met in North America, for the most part, are just in it because they love it as well. There is probably only one exception I can think of, and it's not to say that he does it only for the lime light, but boy oh boy does he looovvee that attention. And he has his different personalities for on and off camera, you could say. Will keep the name to myself.
    I think if you want the attention and photo ops and glamour as a sports star, you shouldn't be in horses because frankly we're not recognized the way sports like hockey, soccer or basketball are. Those who become truly famous in those widely televised sports become household names, and like in any situation, there are people who ask for the attention and those who don't.

    In terms of Hollweird, as you call it, I love actors like Christian Bale who are enormously talented but hate the attention.. It must become a sort of love-hate relationship!

    Interesting topic!
    I'd rather be riding!

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