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    that video is hilarious!! I love how she took off once she got up>

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    Dublin likes to have his stall gate open. Even though he can stick his head out; if I don't latch it, he flings it open and stands at the edge of his stall and looks around. But never leaves the stall!

    He gives kisses for cookies. He likes to kiss just because now too, but originally he did it for treats. If I give him a cookie (he doesn't do this with carrots or apples) he sticks his tongue out the side of his mouth, curves it up his face halfway to his eye, and cleans his back teeth. It is so gross and creepy, that it's been dubbed "The creepy tongue thing."

    He flips a lot when he rolls, minimum of 8 times, every roll. But he also stops straight on his back, belly up and wiggles. I've never seen anything like it.

    All the girls in the barn love him. He is always coming up with some new trick to keep everyone (including himself) entertained.
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    I love my Dublin-ator

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    Such cute stories and pictures - it's nice to read positive things.

    Fred 'jings' his teeth on the bars of his stall when he wants something from me. He may be out of hay, or water, or I may have forgotten to turn him out.

    Yes, he gets turned out last, and sometimes after getting all the other horses out, I have been known to start some other task, and forget him.
    He stands quietly in his stall, and then 'jing'...

    However he learned to do it, I have no idea, but I am very well-trained, and come over immediately when he does it, to see what he needs or wants.

    He also does not consider anything but carrots as 'horse treats'.
    If I offer him a mint, he will take it politely, hold it for a moment and then gently place it back in my hand.
    If I offer it to him again, he will simply press his muzzle into my hand, as if to acknowledge the offer, but politely decline.

    His big brother Bob did the tongue thing - he would put it out the side of his mouth and flap it and fling his head up and down flapping the tonque.
    He would put his tongue out on request - I would just touch the side of his muzzle and say "show me your tongue"...

    He was a horse so full of character and charisma.
    I taught him a stupid game which I lived to his stall I would stamp my feet, and he would snake his head towards my legs as if to bite..I would stamp my feet , he would gesture, and so on...
    until I forgot we were 'playing' this game but he did not. He got me in the legs more than once.

    He also used to 'kiss' me. I would say 'give me a kiss' and he would boof me gently.
    I loved that horse, and miss him.
    A Fine Romance. April 1991 - June 2016. Loved forever.

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    Ahh...this resurrected thread makes me kinda sad. Reading about two very silly horses that were very special to me, neither of which are in my life anymore.

    Toby, however, is definitely not devoid of weird, silly things. He LOVES to play tug of war with me. Several mornings a week, he stays with me at the gate when I take him out, and grabs a halter or lead and pulls. He'll do for a few minutes, then quietly wanders off with his pal.

    A little like Fred, he is very paritcular about treats (but not quite AS particular). Carrots, peppermints, and a very, very select few types of cookies. Absolutely NO APPLES. And the peppermints MUST BE Starbrights. The soft peppermints are absolutely not allowed, and any of the Lifesaver mints will get you dirty looks.

    I can open his door andtypically he'll stand there as if he has a stall guard, and just watch me do things around the barn. I can go all the way to the tack room and trust that he won't leave (every now and then he WILL leave when I'm doing night check, but he just wanders down the barn aisle saying hi to the other horses until I come with his bedtime snack. Then he walks ahead of me and goes back into his stall ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babble View Post
    Too funny! My mare does something similar, but instead stays sitting on her hind end. She rolls on one side, sits up like a dog, pivots on her butt, and then flops down to the other side! I think this just proves that mares are smarter....
    Hey! Wait a minnit!! I've got a gelding who does that.
    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

    Remember the horse does all the work, we just sit there and look pretty.

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    I love these stories.

    My old mare had a rolling style somewhat similar to the mare in the first video. She'd get down on her knees and lay her head down, with her cheek to the ground, while keeping her butt way high in the air... after a few seconds, she'd let her hind end drop, very quickly and ungracefully, as if she'd been shot. Then she would proceed to roll. Very odd.

    My current mare is even odder. After some conventional rolling, she'll maneuver onto her belly, with her front legs spread out in front of her and her hind legs like a sitting dog's, and she will rub her belly back and forth. She must do this at least once a day, as the bottom of her belly is always dirty. It doesn't matter whether she's ridden or not... or how clean her udders are... or whether it's bug season or the dead of winter... she will do it.

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    These are great! Somehow I always end up with the quirky/special ones, but this thread makes me feel less like I have a total weirdo on my hands

    Mine loves to "shake" the bit after I put the bridle on...I haven't gotten video of it yet but he basically nods his head really fast while flapping his lips.

    He is very mouthy and wants to hold anything I have (broom, whip, hoofpick, brushes, etc). He doesn't chew things up, just wants to hold them!

    His favorite trick is to grab the zipper of my jacket and zip it up and down as fast as he can He never does it hard enough to break the zipper, but if he's close enough to me he is always looking for the zipper with his mouth. One of my friends dubbed him a pervert since I always get his slobber on my chest!

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    I used to ride a horse that purred like a cat before every ride. I'm not kidding, he sounded just like my tiny, 11 lb cat. After the first couple times I rode him, he started purring when I would tack him up and continue while I walked him from his stall to the arena. As soon as we got around other people he would stop. I kept trying to describe it to my trainer but he wouldn't do it with her around so she never heard the sound! I never did figure out what it meant, but I assumed it was him revving his engines or something. After every ride he would also stick his nose against my neck and snort softly and blow, snort and blow. It was gross and adorable.

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    My gelding is mouthy and busy-minded so dumb me taught him to open his mouth and lips so that I can "brush" his teeth with the body brush when I'm grooming him. He's calm about it, just raises his head and rolls his eyes a little and opens his mouth, with a happy "let's play" expression. (He's also one who will stick his nose out of his stall and beg to get "kissed" by anyone who's passing by. He's an attention whore and can never get enough. He's always making friends with bored fathers who are waiting for their kids to finish their lessons.)

    My mare, who is normally extremely polite and gentle about almost everything, saw our game and decided she wanted to join in the fun. But what she thinks I want her to do is grab the edge of the brush with her teeth, which she does with a great flashing of teeth, eye rolling and head tossing that would be scary if I didn't know it was a good acting job.
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    Hee hee... Good read on a rainy day! Especially after an awesome dressage lesson.
    Fleck does the scratching his leg with the other hind leg thing. IT's bizarre! I have it on tape. Turns out he had a tick on his leg though. I found it after looking for 20 minutes. He also does the walk up to you, turn around, and shove his butt in your face. hee hee... Although I'm sure plenty do that.
    He also laps his water like a dog. And loves to drink from the hose.
    Oh, and when he eats... he takes a bite, then licks the wall, then takes a bite.. the licks the wall. There's a big slime of wet feed down his wall.

    Roany does the belly scratch thing too. It's funny.. back and forth she goes..

    Danny... let's see... He doesn't really have any weird quirks yet.. just mouthy. He takes everything down and throws it around. He does like to fling things too. And he does drink from the hose.. only instead of just slurping up spray, he grabs the whole hose in his mouth and guzzles... I'm always afraid he's going to drown himself!

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    Both of mine do this. Depending on what pasture they are in they either stare at the back kitchen door, or at the side window in the kitchen especially if they think I'm late getting out to feed them.
    Quote Originally Posted by retreadeventer View Post
    My horse can see the back of the house from his stall...I thought he could only see me when I stepped out the door...yesterday morning, I was still in my pajamas, with coffee cup, and I stood in the sliding glass door window...and he knickered when he saw me through the window! My god! I'm being watched by my horse!

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    My mare has this one crazy thing that I haven't see any other horses do. When she's getting a drink from a bucket or trough she'll pull her head up holding a mouthful of water in her mouth with the tip of her tongue sticking out until she's swallowed all the water in her mouth.

    This and she likes to admire herself in the windows of the horse trailer when I have her tied there. She stretches up, lips the glass then stares at herself.

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    My late gelding used to nicker/whinny excitedly every time the front door of the house was open (his paddock was right in front of the house, so he could hear/see whoever opened the door and nicker accordingly). At first, I thought it was just because he correlated door opening = being fed. But then, when we ventured down south, he would nicker when he saw me! Quite the ego booster and always impressed whoever came with me - including the gal who owned the barn (':

    Current gelding does this weird thing where he will bite his lower lip and stick his tongue out when he wants you to engage in play with him. It is very cute!

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    A horse in the barn used to love having his face blasted with the leaf blower when blowing the aisle. Always stuck his head out, ears pricked waiting. Turn the blower at him, his eyelids peeled back, forelock lifted, and lips flapped in the wind. Quite a silly face; most other horses would hide in the back corner! Had others who liked to be brushed with a broom while sweeping cobwebs.
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