Colony of Cats Need Adopters- (York)
Date: 2011-01-28, 1:12AM EST

A group of indoor/outdoor cats in Hellam,will be losing their home the end of this weekend on a farm, that has been sold.Several have been placed for adoption- several more are available and are hoping for a new home. These are, in many cases, rather small, and some are without tails( genetics) and some have 6 toes ( polydactyl. They seem healthy and though a little shy, they are used to being around people and gentle dogs and other cats. Colors vary from orange tabbies, to mostly white, to calicos( and these would be females) . see pictures below- if you can open your home and heart to cats that must be adopted into a home or possibly relocated into another colony please respond. we have lots of pictures and little time.The tame ones we would like to see become indoor pets, and some have been.


(I saw this on CL today & wanted to place it here in hopes maybe some more of these cats would find homes. I'm filled up at our farm with cats right now & can't take in anymore otherwise I'd love to give some of these homes.)