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    Default Finding a Quality Home for your horse...give away, cheap, or ?

    I'm not 'advertising', I just need feedback before making a decision on what exactly I am going to do.

    I am planning on moving and making some pretty extreme changes in the next year or so. I need to brush up on my education and am going to be taking classes and saving all that I can for the move.

    I have a horse, that I know I probably will not be able to take with me. The expense of moving across country, added to the stresses of having a horse right now just do not make sense. You see ads online for 'cheap' horses all the time. The thought seems to be, if you are asking for a small amount of $, you might have a chance of getting a better home than if you advertised as free.

    I have never gone right out and advertised a horse for free. The last time I gave away a horse, it was to a relative. So aside from on the giveaways here, where else would be a good place to advertise a horse for free? Or free lease? What's the best way to screen potential new owners? A friend was interested in her but it's been a few weeks since I told her I'd give her away so I'm not sure that she's really interested, and I don't want to keep asking so I'm going to go ahead and figure something else out.

    Horse is sound but has hi/lo in front so she requires a good farrier and fitted saddle. Not an easy sale, much less giveaway. And if I do decide to keep her, what is the going rate, per mile, for transport? I've checked out a few of the transport sites and when I put in my info and "where to" I got a phone call early one morning seeing if I was still looking to move the horse. I wasn't awake and wasn't completely alert and I said no and got the butt chewing of a life over having an ad up that I didn't really need. All I really want is an approximate cost to see how much it would cost to move a horse about 900 miles.

    Thanks for reading/suggestions!

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    Read the "Tips for rehoming a horse" sticky at the top of the Giveaways forum.

    I don't have much to add, except to REALLY check references and visit the new place.

    My two cents is that if it is a great home, it is a great home, and charging money won't change that (won't make a bad home a good one).

    It's just me, but I know I'm such a great home that I'd never pay someone simply to prove I'm a great home. You need to figure that out by visiting me and checking my references (and reading my posts on COTH, and googling me etc etc). I'd much rather that $500 (or whatever is above meat price) go to vet bills, or new farm equipment etc.

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    About 5 years ago I found myself in a similar situation. After fretting for months, sell, give away ... to who? It dawned on me that I knew a lot of people my precious filly would be secure with. I made a short list and called the MY first choice of who to give her to. After a few weeks of convincing the Husband that she didnt bite, didnt kick and truly was a good girl my first choice drove 7 hours to come pick her up!

    This story does have a happy ending too. That same Man who wavered so hard over saying yes bonded with her in weeks. Now, 5 whole years later she's HIS mare and I'm allowed to come visit but not entertain ever taking her back. Best part is their Grand kids have began showing her.

    Maybe, just maybe you can pick too.

    Good Luck!!
    "Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter, it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark"

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