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    Default Where should I move?! (HR)

    So as I sit here in central Virginia and it's snowing AGAIN that draw to anywhere else is coming back! I am single so I have nobody else to consider. I am focusing on my career and riding this year and hopefully figuring out where I want to move. I have wanted a change of scenery for a while but the last time I changed jobs, nobody wanted to pay for out of state interviewing or moving so I ended up with a great job here. So, since the horsie environment is so important to me in wherever I move I felt this the only appropriate place to ask for suggestions. It's hard because I am pretty spoiled here. I am close to all of the great shows in Virginia and surrounded by amazing venues. Right now I have a baby so showing doesn't really matter but it will in a couple of years. I guess really what I am looking for is what I have here but a little warmer and just different. I would need to be close to a city so I can work. I like coasts more than mountains but could deal with the mountains. I just really don't like winter. I would be perfectly fine with hot summers and not as hot other seasons. Any ideas? Am I being crazy because I am already in such a fantastic horse friendly place?

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    What kind of job are you looking for? That will play a big role in deciding where to move - especially in this economy
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    Ocala, or if you need to be closer to a larger city, look in the Tampa, Orlando or Gainesville areas.
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    Think about where you can get a secure job that will support you and your horse and give you some leftover money. Then, decide if those places are substantially better than central VA. Central Va is pretty nice 9 months out of the year.

    Another option is to figure out if you can get a month off each winter to go to Florida or South Carolina. Some jobs will let you telecommute and take vacation time so you can go to Florida for a month. Unfortunately, no one in my family has that kind of a job!

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