Rex is 13 yrs old and is a 15.3 red bay gelding. I've owned him since he was 5 and he has competed at A level shows in the childrens hunters and bigeqs. For the past 4 years he has had an off and on again lameness issue, If I had the money to find out what was wrong with him I would but I don't. Currently he is sound and is in work. due to the lack of time and money though he gets ridden whenever I have the time to. He can have 6 months off and you can get on him and he'll be perfect, and unlike other horses... Rex will not try to kill you. He is great on trails, he will go through water with no problem. he is good with or without friends. He is currently located in Tampa Fl, I would love to find him a home where he can get more attention and love than he is getting now. I simply just don't have time. I have let my boyfriends 6 yr old ride him around on the lounge line at the w/t and he is a good boy, doesn't try to do anything bad. He will have his days, just like any other horse but he is truly a sweet,gentle,honest boy. please email me for pictures/video or