Sophia is a total sweetheart. She is 13.2 hh, 14 y.o., gray, sound barefoot, on enrich 12 and grass hay, does fine on turnout, never foundered, no past issues except one.

I originally leased Sophia for my two young daughters to learn to ride. We had her for two great years and she became ill with EPM. The owner said that she would take her back (lease ran out) but that she could not afford to treat her. I bought the pony and treated her. The vet has declared her healthy...

BUT, ever since the EPM she seems to get stressed when ridden and then starts rubbing her hair out. Dex stops it.

So, IMO she is not rideable. She is at the BOTTOM of any pecking order, wonderful on the ground, ADORES little kids and still very much enjoys being groomed by littles. She is completely reliable around little kids and goes stock still in the cross ties if a child is grooming.

She is a wonderful pony but I never intended to own her. I have two other horses (one of which has ERU, ulcers, sight loss, horrible conformation etc.) and I have to be able to take care of them. So I really need to find her a good home. We love her but cannot care for 3 equines long term.

I think Sophia would be a great companion horse ( just as long as her buddy didn't pick on her). She is very easy going. She would be wonderful for a small child to love and groom etc. I will not go so far as to say that she cannot be ridden but have the dex ready if you decide to do so. I will be glad to email lots of pictures. (under saddle, being groomed, recent and past)

She has been recovered for one year in February.

Sorry for the novel and thanks for reading