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    Mar. 23, 2008

    Default Blanket Question (what weight)

    If you had a fairly hairy TB with all day in and out access who is in his early 20's but does have some arthritis and does have trouble keeping weight on in the winter....what would be the best weight turnout for temp 0-30 with the possibility of it getting a little warmer?

    My horse has been nekkid thus far, but when I went down tonight I noticed he looked like he had lost weight and his arthritis was noticable. I decided to put my old Baker stable blanket on him with a waterproof sheet over it. He doesn't love blankets though so I hate layering. I want to purchase something that will keep him warm enough with a full coat in anything from 0-40 but WILL NOT be too hot if the temps do suddenly go up. I don't live near by and blanketing is not included where I board (which is why I was trying to just leave him nekkid). But holy cow this cold is relentless.

    I was thinking something between 200-300 fill? Or would that be too hot if it got into the 40s? I know cold is better than overheated. I saw a medium turnout that was 180 fill...might that work?

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    I think you would probably be okay w/ a 200-gram turnout blanket. Is he on free-choice hay now? That will help a ton with keeping him warm - "fuels the furnace". I have a 30-year old TB who shivers if it gets below 50 degrees so I have to blanket him heavily during winter (especially this week where the temps have been in the single digits w/ windchills below zero). He is out 24/7 which helps a ton w/ his arthritis - he's much happier out even if it's freezing out and thankfully he doesn't care about wearing blankets.

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    My ancient, toothless pony wears a midweight from 10- 30. Any colder and I add a 100-gram blanket as a liner. He never seems to be cold/ shivering/ uncomfortable, but he can't eat hay at all (he only has 3 pairs of teeth left in the back!) and did lose weight in the winter when he wasn't blanketed. It's hard to know for sure if I'm layering right, though--he has a very thick coat, so he never really feels "warm" under his blankets the way the clipped horse does.

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    Agree. 300gm is pushing it for the upper temp range you listed, let alone if things suddenly get warmer.

    Most medium-weight blankets have a 200gm-ish fill. You can always have a separate sheet, even a "heavy" sheet, to put on top of the blanket for colder/windier/wetter days. That's what I do.

    180gm fill is a bit on the light side. I don't know how well it would work for this particular horse if the temps went closer to 0, especially if that was combined with some wind. I just wouldn't think the 180gm fill would overcome much, if any, of the flattened hair the blanket does.

    This Schneider's Storm Shield in the medium weight (220gm) works very, very well for my TB mare who is out 24x7. She gets cold faster than the boys do, but not at the drop of a hat either - not at 50
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    Mar. 23, 2008


    Thank you for the replies. I found a 240 fill Big D turnout that was not a bad price and should make due for the time being.

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    May. 24, 2006


    I think a medium weight would do, and then you do not have to freak out if the temp gets a bit warmer. That is actually the only wieight I use. I do have one heavy just in casae somebody gets ill and needs extra, but I have never had to use it thank goodness.

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