Bought a new Rhino (size 75) for my QH gelding. It was on clearance from Dover for $130. It's a midweight, navy w/ white checks, red binding. It's very cute.
Anyway, since there has been a lot of, "are Rhinos crap now or not?" I figured I'd share my experiences with this Rhino so far.

Rhino fits him well, especially thru the chest. Nice and loose, no pressure points for rubs, etc. Drop is a little short IMO, another 2 inches on each side and it would've been perfect. The stitching on the butt (the top butt dart) has come out. I'm not really concerned because it looks like it's only cosmetic, but still, only on day 3 here! One of the belly surcingles was put on wrong, the length adjustment thingy is to the inside (lays on his belly) instead of to the outside so it's very difficult to adjust it when the blanket is on. The blanket also shifts more than my last Rhino, despite that the belly surcingles are fairly snug and the blanket seems to fit well. I think my gelding likes the blanket because he's not biting the frot of his blanket at pulling it (yet). Of course we're only on day 3. No rips (knock on wood) to the outercovering (not sure how hard he is on blankets in that respect, I've never had any serious rips on the outercovering before, but I always buy 1000 denier or higher. I bought this Rhino hoping it would hold up through the rest of this season. I'll give updates if anything negative happens.