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    Default hind gut ulcers?

    What are the symptoms of hind gut ulcers? For some reason I've been having trouble finding out more information on this by googling. Does anyone have any good links where I can learn more about this condition? Thanks!

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    Hind gut ulcers are referred to as "colonic ulcers." Very hard to diagnose and just as hard to treat. Horse Journal did an article back in February 2009 on colonic ulcers/Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have a pony who suffers from IBS and probably colonic ulcers as well. The article is very good.


    Poor coat and general unthriftiness
    Intermittent colic, mild to severe
    May see erratic appetite, possible weight loss
    flaking skin
    diarrhea (may be intermittent) or other manure changes (odor)
    Increased sensitivity to feed or hay changes
    Low levels of albumin in the blood, which in turn can cause low calcium
    Possible edema of the legs or belly
    Mild anemia and low lymphocyte counts with elevated neutrophils

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    Thanks. My horse has had chronic loose stool for the past year but no weight loss (I wish--he puts on weight just looking at hay). I guess it's back to the drawing board as he really doesn't have any of those symptoms, just the loose stool. It's so frustrating!

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