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    Default Behold the power of COTH and the last installment of the Young and the Breechless

    Wow!!! This is such a good and relieved feeilng! A fellow COTH'er has stepped up, stepped in, raised her shield against Sonja’s ‘next week I will’ isms and got my stuff back!!! Yay!! And this COTH’er called me from her booth and said that when she told Sonja who she was and what she was there for, Sonya handed her a bag with my two pairs of altered breeches in about 30 seconds! Hmm.. behold the power of COTH?? She knew I wasn’t going to be there in person and yet she had the breeches BAGGED UP AND READY TO GO! I had asked her about getting my stuff for me before this, many times and had no answer. Hmm.. and yet, when shown my receipt and and ‘confronted’ she ponied up the goods ASAP. Well, whoever the spies are, THANK YOU!! My stuff is all I wanted in the first place. And Sonya having them all bagged up just made things that much easier for everyone. So, someone tipped her off and in the meantime (the person who did this for me, if you followed the first thread, you know who, but I feel funny saying it!) picked out stuff that was comparable to what I was supposed to be shipped months ago. She even asked what colors appealed to me! I’m so very grateful and relieved that this is over. Thanks everyone for your online support and thanks to my COTH hero for your ‘over and beyond’ actions!! Without you, I’d still have nothing but frustration.

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    Very nice to hear one of our fellow COTHers interceded on your behalf. Glad you got your stuff back. I read your original post about Sonja and it amazes me that that is how someone chooses to do business.

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