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    Mar. 27, 2010

    Default I can't decide!!!

    It is frigidly cold here in the NE today. It's going to be colder tomorrow (1 degree maybe) and Monday. It is 16 degrees right now which is probably the high for the day and there is no sun out. Should I put them out our not?!!?!? They def. won't go out tomorrow or Monday but I just can't decide about today. They (2) are in their stalls now with 3 flakes of hay. They are TB's so they would rather be out but I just think it's too cold. Anyone?


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    Sep. 7, 2009
    Lexington, KY


    I put them out every day unless it's a downpour, freezing rain, a blizzard or there's so much ice that it's dangerous.

    I just blanket as heavily as the need and make sure there's plenty of hay.
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    16 degrees isnt that cold....if I had fences that weren't drifted over, I would be turning out at that temperature. Have even turned out at colder for a few hours with no problems.
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    Jan. 10, 2008
    Western NY


    I'd say windchill matters more than the temperature--if there's no windchill, they'll be fine with blankets and hay. Nasty windchills make more of a difference--if they have blankets and shelter they're usually fine, but the horses at my barn all usually want to come in and will stand at the gate.

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    Dec. 2, 2004
    Eastern Ontario, Canada


    Put them out! Let them soak up the sunshine! Mine are out, unblanketed, and it was 0 F this morning. It is predicted to go down to -15 F tonight. They will be out again, but the ancient pony will be blanketed.

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    Nov. 12, 2009
    New England


    11 degrees right now and will be 5 - 10 below tonight. But...
    tomorrow night is supposed to be 20 - 35 below zero (insert the Brrrr icon). Since I'm in the more "tropical" area by the lake, we're looking at at least -20. At least no windchill predicted.

    The "girls" prefer to be outside - they have a new round bale and I will bring out warm water before I go to bed. The fat palomino will have her winter blanket and the "old" lady will have a light fleece liner under her winter blanket.

    They have their 3 sided shelter and, honestly, the barn isn't much warmer. They hate to be in their stalls longer than a couple hours and I don't have ice to worry about, just snow.

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    Feb. 6, 2003


    16 degrees on the nose here too right now.
    My two are outside munching hay and once in a while chasing each other playing tag.
    Standing still inside a barn isn't any warmer today. (little to no wind here)

    Mine will also go outside tomorrow, properly blanketed. Barring body clipping, health or age related issues, most horses are perfectly comfy in temps far lower than us humans ever are. 30-40 degrees seems to be the "happy perfect" temp for most horses.

    I'm far more likely to keep mine inside in really hot weather (under fans) as opposed to really cold.

    Let them out and then watch them to see which they'd prefer. If they hunch up, look stiff, shiver or stand at the gate waiting to go back in...there's your answer that they'd rather be indoors. I find it easiest to let the horses decide. Us humans tend to start shivering and then think all animals feel the same way we do.
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    Oct. 25, 2007


    Actually, up here in NH its kind of nice out! The sun is very strong and it feels ok.
    I throw everyone out, unless its raining, icy, etc or short time out if windchill makes it too brutal. Today there is no wind chill, just cold and sun.

    Some of mine are blanketed from Dec on, some are naked...really dependent on the horse. I did blanket the drafts for the snow the other day, and kept them on them knowing this cold was coming. I did take one blanket off...he just doesn't like being blanketed. He's fat, 10 years and can certainly handle the cold. His bro, doesn't like the cold so much, so I left it on him.

    I think its good for horses to get out at least for a little while, but my ottb's and sb's are all blanketed too.
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    Aug. 26, 2009


    Put them out with plenty of hay. They'll be warm in the sunshine and they can run around to heat up if need be. Horses in the midwest and Canada survive fine in much colder temps!

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    Jul. 24, 2008


    The high for today is -4F, windchills -18F. That's a lot warmer than it was last night and tomorrow is supposed to be colder. The horses who are living outside seem to be fine.

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