They must have heard about the fun the escaped horses in NJ had.

Photo in article.

Deer are one thing, but to watch a team of horses on the loose charge past your home is cause for a double-take. It certainly took Don Dwy by surprise when he saw seven horses gallop past his Route 67 home last Saturday.

Headed for Roxbury, the horses escaped from nearby Shallow Brook Farm, a stable owned by First Selectman Bill Stuart. Mr. Stuart estimates that the horses may have made it almost three miles before being corralled by local enforcement officers, who rerouted the equines to Mr. Dwy’s gated property.

“It was quite a sight, to see all these horses in your yard,” said Mr. Dwy, an admitted animal lover.

The farm has multiple locations, and the one on Route 67 is intended for both retired and young horses.

After the horses had spent about 20 minutes in Mr. Dwy’s yard, handlers from the farm retrieved them. Mr. Dwy, who was pleased that no person or animal was hurt, took the episode in good humor.

“All they were doing was going to town,” he said, horsing around.