This has been an eventful week of discussions for me!

But within them, one pertinent thought comes to the forefront...

I have been VERY privileged to meet and learn from some amazing individuals in the sporthorse breeding world.

Breeders, and Stallion owners alike.

Customer Service is imperative in any business these days, and does not stop with Equines.

I've been so fortunate to meet people in this circle, that whether or not I am giving them business, are more than willing to share with me, their knowledge, and experience to help and better me in the present and the future. And when I am giving them business, going above and beyond the call of duty, to help someone, regardless if it's on their dime or mine. And have a delicate eye for fine quality, and who put their heart and soul into their stock, and doing the best by them in every capacity they can.

To me... this is what life is about...What is the point, if you can't share, help and grow the younger generation...for the best interest of the equines?

I'd like to highlight some of these people...and I know that there may be some I don't mention (a lot as I have only had a select amount of experience) and encourage others to list their Kudos as well! And I can only hope, that some day, I may have the privileged to meet some of the other breeders and SO's mentioned.

Sharon Michaels of Kaleidoscope Farm
Kathy St. Martin of Avalone Equine
Carolyn Miller of Greenstone Farm
Cyndi Debracy of Debracy Sporthorses (Cyriz)
Karen Severns of New Blessings Farm (Legaczy)
Rebecca of Sonesta Farms
Lesley Feakins of Trevelyan Farm

(just to mention a few, if I have left anyone out I severely apologize!)

I am hoping to have my first real breeding experience of my own this year. And I hope to have many future years in the breeding business (small scale!!). But as a fledgling in this service/industry, I think it speaks volumes already of my experience, b/c I had the opportunity to talk amongst such great, knowledgeable people.

People that although I have not done business with yet, I would highly recommend, and repeat business with (when the time comes), for years to come!

Kudos and thanks to you! and to everyone...a Happy and Safe 2011 breeding season!!