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    Nov. 6, 2008

    Default swelling of sheath and by elbows - any ideas?

    My horse had the month of December and into January off but has had 10 hour a day turnout daily. He is a 16 yr old QH on the plump side but not over weight. I went to groom him last week and noticed that he was very swollen in his sheath area. I cleaned his sheath and waited two days. It got bigger so I called the vet who came out and initially thought it looked like he could have an electrolyte imbalance and was retaining fluid. Then looked around further and noticed slight swelling around his elbows. Slight enough I had not noticed. No temp, heart sounds fine. He took blood to see what he could find out.
    The next day he calls and says his white blood cell and keytone counts are low but every thing else looks normal. Gave a few ideas but nothing concrete. He suggested we put him on electrolytes and bute to try to get rid of swelling. Told me to watch him carefully and in two weeks he will re take blood.

    In the mean time my horse is eating his bute and electrolytes and the swelling is going down but I have noticed the more he moves around (trotting cantering) the more the swelling goes away. He is almost back to normal as of today. Now I am waiting to see the vet again next week but in the meantime any ideas??? I am trying to figure out what would case this? Any similar experiences?

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    depp litter your bed and bank your sides which prevents elbow sores hock/hip sores and getting cast
    and dont clean your sheaf it was swallon becuase you did so many people on here have a habit of cleaning there horses whatnots

    a male horse is self ccleaning its unnatueral for a horse to be constantly done unless for medical reasons
    if hes dirty then spray or wipe the front of the entrance with baby oil or ky jelly which has no additives in it

    as dirt or skin from you hands cna cuse infection and or gloves being used when cleaning hence why they swell

    as for the low count then worm your horse as low count means he find it harder to finght infections

    so worm him as sound like his previous home were a bit slack in that depeartment worm to a worming programme of cycles of the worm to seasons of the year

    do not dialy worm ahorse can beome resistent to the wormers

    and be aware with your horse and low count you need to be on the ball and wise if ill call the vet asap

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    Nov. 6, 2008


    Bump... Any other ideas???

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