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    Oct. 20, 2008
    Florida, USA

    Question Food allergies... who has the MOST?!?!

    So.. after seeing about the dairy and gluten allergies the past couple OTD... I must wonder who has the MOST allergies... (food related)...

    Here is my list:
    - gluten
    - dairy
    - soy
    - corn
    - chocolate
    - processed sugars (fruits are ok)

    What are your symptoms if you don't follow a strict diet? Mine range from tiredness to break outs to just plain out being sick...

    And let's not go through medical allergies as penicilin is at the top of my list... and I can't have any kind of "hormones"... throws my whole body out of whack completely...

    *I'm a science project... all by myself

    Good news: I feel PERFECT if I stay away from those things!!!
    Proudly living in my "let's save the world bubble"!

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    Jan. 26, 2010

    Default I think I might win this one

    Ok, So I can't list them all but I have 4 pages of 12 font list of food allergies.

    The BIG Ones are
    Gluten (celiac disease also)
    blue cheese
    The caramel color in soda
    wheat (gluten of course)

    It is miserable trying to decide what I can eat and praying I don't pick wrong. I don't have anaphalactic reactions luckily, but migraines, confusion, stomach upset, vomiting, so on and so on.

    Food Allergies SUCK!

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