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    Jan. 11, 2011

    Default Riding Resume

    Hi guys,

    I've been a long time lurker on here and I've enjoyed learning from everyone's knowledge. But when I was searching through old posts, I couldn't find anything conclusive on how to set up a riding resume. I've been applying to barns as a working student, and a few places have requested one. If someone could help explain to me what I should include on it, that would be wonderful!


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    Jun. 20, 2008


    Might want to include how long you have been riding and where...
    if you show or compete - what discipline and include some successes, highlights of your competition..

    if you are in 4H or pony club - and any rating
    Any history of prior work in a barn or around horses = whether paid, family farm etc...

    best of luck to you

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    Aug. 10, 2008
    Kinston, NC


    You should start out your resume with your basic info -

    Jane Smith
    1234 Main Street
    Town, State Zip
    Home Phone:
    Cell Phone:
    Date of Birth:
    Social Security Number:

    Don't write a novel, do at most two pages. Sections could include:

    Formal Education: Student at XYZ High School or College, or graduate of same
    Previous Instructors: Names and dates, working backward in time
    Work Experience: Use specifics. Example: In charge of all barn duties on weekends (and while Trainer X was showing), including feeding, turnout, cleaning stalls, dragging ring. Go backwards in time.
    Showing Experience: major wins and accomplishments
    Training Experience: if nothing was your sole responsibility, but you helped, and you have observed a lot, put it that way; i.e., "Assisted Trainer ABC in preparing...."
    Additional Skills: Can you drive a tractor? Truck and Trailer? Set up a gymnastic line? Build jumps? Layout a dressage arena for a schooling show? Use a computer?
    References By Permission (Horse Related):
    References By Permission (Non-Horse):

    Hope this helps.

    And have a couple of people read it over for you, maybe a vet for one. Do you know a business person who would look at your resume.

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    Jun. 19, 2009


    ACT gives a good outline. It's a good idea NOT to include your SSN and/or birthday until you have accepted a position. ID theft and ageism are real, and it's best to get in the habit of protecting any non-public data.
    Best of luck in the job search!

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