A woman who boards at our facility took in a very pretty but malnourished TB mare about 5 months ago. She did this in the hopes that someday in the future Roxie would be her riding horse. Roxie has all but gained all her weight back but started having off and on lameness issues. She has been seen by a vet and has had a chriopractor out and sadly she will not be riding sound. Roxie is well put together and was used as a broodmare most of her life. Although we never saw any of her foals we had been told they were large well put together sport horses. She was used in a warmblood program. The woman who currently owns her would like to find her a home where Roxie can continue to be a mama which is what she was happy doing. We can provide pictures of Roxie from the time she got her until present day so you can see just how far she came. Roxie is 19 and with sticking her I would say 16.2...she's built like a warmblood. She's a sweet girl with no vices. I feel so bad for this woman and Roxie as she loves her but can only afford one horse. She wants what is best for her.
I am not positive of her dam but her sire is Flying Pigeon. The mare is located in SE PA about an hour from Philadelphia