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    Oct. 23, 2006

    Unhappy Every time I see these types of listings I just cringe


    LOOKING FOR CHEAP SADDLE! do you wear cheap shoes to work in all day on your feet while carrying 150lbs on your back?

    STUD FOR SALE CAN NOT AFFORD TO FEED, ALSO MARE THAT IS IN FOAL TO THIS STUD!!! cant afford to feed, not registered, so why do you have mares that are bred and have an unregistered stallion, that is not stallion quality?

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    Dec. 27, 2010
    Catharpin, VA


    Some of the ads you find out there are on the scary side. So glad I don't have to or have any desire to look at them anymore.
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    Jan. 24, 2000


    Good old Craigslist!
    Those, and all the ads for the poor late teen or 20's aged horses that they are selling to make room for a younger horse, but "old Sparky" still has a lot of life left, so take him off our hands....
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    Sep. 8, 2007


    There was an ad on fuglyhorse the other day from Craigslist. They were begging people to come buy their freshly off track TB (bought for their children to ride) for $700. The picture showed the horse in their front yard held in by a two foot fence and drinking water out of a kiddie swimming pool. The ad was titled "Horses Don't Make Good Christmas Presents". Too bad they couldn't figure that out BEFORE they brought the horse home.

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    Well, I'm in favor of cheap as far as saddles go. I'm not spending $1000+ on a saddle when I can pick up something used for 20% of that. Especially not when the "hunt" saddles nowdays are more like sofas. $200 gets you a PDN that fits everything (well, everything narrow, wouldn't try it on the barn's Gypsy Vanner) and you can feel the back. Craigslist can be good for finding those, though for Western I'm watching 'vintage' ads on ebay.

    The ads that REALLY hack me off are the ones for older horses that are obviously trying to dump it in favor of something younger, especially the ones that say things like "20yo, would make great show/barrel horse/broodmare, must sell, too many horses, will trade for saddle/younger horse." Seriously, keep it, put it down, just sell directly to the broker who's likely going to end up with it anyway, don't pretend a 'seasoned citizen' horse is a prime candidate for a super show career or a great broodmare prospect because you don't want to admit you just want a younger model.

    I do sympathize with a lot around here that are clearly desperate to move horses--a lot of people are out of work in this area (well above the national average--MI's economy started to tank well before the national economy, though with Granholm gone it MIGHT change a bit but it's not gonna be fast) and just cannot afford to take care of themselves and horses, but of course then no one around them can afford to buy them and care for them, either...They're kind of stuck.

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    Dec. 7, 2006
    Spruce Grove AB


    I loathe the ads that state that they 'need to make room for the new babies' because you know full well where they will most likely end up if they don't find homes.

    Those ads remind me of that Alberta woman who was all 'heart broken' over the fact she had to take a HUGE amount of weanlings to slaughter, and then at the same time, complain about the price they were fetching. Makes me sick.

    I also know a reputable warmblood, Alberta breeder who is active in breeding, but bringing horses that have become an inconvienince to the slaughter house. I did happen to ask her why she doesn't try re-homing, donate, etc. before shipping them off.....she told me that nah, this way I know I will get a couple of hundred bucks for them

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    Jul. 24, 2008


    I don't understand why people get so uptight about older horses being put up for sale. Everyone knows an older, been-there-done-that horse is the best choice for a beginner rider, but no one seems to believe they should be available for sale?? I guess it's better to let the newbies buy the ottb or weanling and then talk about how stupid they are.

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    Jan. 16, 2009

    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by saultgirl View Post
    I don't understand why people get so uptight about older horses being put up for sale. Everyone knows an older, been-there-done-that horse is the best choice for a beginner rider, but no one seems to believe they should be available for sale?? I guess it's better to let the newbies buy the ottb or weanling and then talk about how stupid they are.
    While its true that there ARE times where an older, more experienced horse is the way to go, I think that we're focusing on ads where people want to get rid of the old horse because they "can't feed/afford/ride it anymore" but are looking for a younger horse instead. Let's be honest, there's not THAT big of a market for older horses (I'm talking around 18+). When you take on responsibilities of owning a horse, that includes finding a good home for it one way or another. There's nothing wrong with selling an older horse as long as you know where it will end up.

    I have a 16 yr old unsound mare. You'd better believe that I would LOVE to have a younger, sound horse to use. But it is SO hard to find a good situation for her and, as a horse owner, I think she deserves better than me just dumping her off at the auction to find a replacement.
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    Jan. 29, 2008


    Those adds make me sick, too. The cheap tack....that's the worst..then when the horse goes like crap, they blame it on the horse, not the tack.WTF!?! A good deal is a good deal, but crappy tack is just that....crappy. You get what you pay for.
    The adds to get rid of untrained, old, lame, or otherwise useless horses are even more upsetting. Some people make me sick! Blame the economy, yet many of these horses were here and just as useless, before the economy puked out. What North American people need is a bit of accountability.
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    Dec. 1, 2010
    Somewhere on the grid


    Rescue organizations get calls all the time from people with stories about the horse they have that is now lame and they can't afford to keep it because they got a new horse so can we please take this one off their hands and keep it for life?


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    Mar. 13, 2006
    Sno County


    Yeah, I hate those ads. Not so much the cheap tack but the old pensioner that has served them so well for all those years being tossed aside like an old pair of shoes.

    There was an ad here about some woman who had a blind horse she wanted to sell so her son could get a new horse that he could game on. It made me so angry that she wanted to yank this horse away from all that is familiar and let someone else deal with him. I emailed her and gave her a piece of my mind and said if she didn't want to keep him at least give him a decent end instead of shipping him off to someplace totally alien to him where he could be hurt or worse. She didn't want to put him down because this was her son's first horse and she didn't want him to see his horse die. But it's a-ok to know he's running into fences and flailing around trying to find his way in a new unfamiliar home. Great.
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    Apr. 4, 2009


    For years I had a good friend (...) who ran a business boarding and giving lessons. She had a bunch of lesson horses. Over the years she had mentioned one old guy that had a bunch of problems. Something about his eye sight, then his gaits, then he was becoming nervous in the arena, then one day he fell at the lope with a lesson kid.

    So, a few months later I told her I was in the market for a horse, wanted an 8 to 15 year old, trail worthy steed. Had to be sound and sane. WELL! Guess what, she evidently forgot about telling me all these horror stories about the above mentioned nag, and so NOW suddenly he's everything I'm looking for, according to her. He went from 28 years old to 12, he was perfect in the arena and trail, was sound as a spring colt, blah, blah, and best of all, he was FREE~! She just wanted its stall she said, for a paying boarder.

    I didn't pursue it, continued my search, and every time I saw this friend she kept insisting I take the nag. Well, eventually I found a horse, the exact one I had been looking for, and whatdoyaknow, the "friend" has stopped talking to me completely. Still has the nag, too. I swear........

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