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    Oct. 13, 2006
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    Default My Christmas Fox

    Oooh...I forgot to tell me COTH friends...I did post this on my facebook page though.

    I am the flautist at our church and played at midnight mass Christmas Eve. Driving home to my mother's house around 2 am, my mother, husband and I viewed a fox loping infront of the car and through the houses of her neighborhood.

    I went to the next street to find the fox and was able view him again in a back yard. I stopped the car and we watched..he turned and looked at us for the longest time. It was a beautiful snowy night! I wish I had a camera...It was really a pretty sight!

    FYI, we live in suburbia, but it's not unusual to see fox lately since the area we live does have alot of wooded lots...much of the larger wooded areas have been developed. there even has been a fox living near my townhome too...we don't mind, he keeps the geese numbers low at the reflecting pool...
    I love my OTTB! I get my dressage test done faster!

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    Jun. 5, 2007
    New Hampshire


    Cool! Thanks for sharing. Don't you love it when you get to see them?

    I was feeding one afternoon and spotted a red fox in the field next to my paddock. I walked toward him slowly, he saw me and sat down.

    I sat down too, and we stared at each other for nearly 5 minutes before he sauntered off.

    How neat. To be less than 30 feet from a red fox, sitting in the grass exchanging stares!

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    Feb. 7, 2006
    New Jersey


    Ohhh ! This makes me think back to a place I boarded several years ago. My horses were out at the very back of the property, bordering an empty field & the woods.
    I was out there early one morning to feed my horses, and spotted some movement towrds the back of the field. (there was an old run-in shed on the other side of the fence, in the empty field next to mine) What I saw was amazing to me--5 baby foxes, rolling & playing in the run-in shed, near a burrow!
    I watched them for several minutes, fascinated--and altho' one looked up at me & stared for a long time--they were young (maybe 5 weeks) and he didn't seem to be afraid--just puzzled. As I watched, I felt I myself was being watched--I slowly turned my head--and there was "Mom" fox--sitting calmly behind the fence, in the next field--watching ME. She was beautiful! As ours eyes met-and she knew I had seen her--she let out a sharp yapping sound--and instantly, all the babies disappeared underground.
    I came back several times after that, without coming too close (didn't want to frighten or stress the Mom)--but i got a lot of pics of the babies growing up--and of Mom too. She came back several years in a row--and then one year, she disappeared as the babies were being raised. She had been bringing chickens to feed them, and my guess is someone must have shot/poisoned her. Very sad--she was a great mother. I saw the male fox moving the babies out of the lair one morning--confirming my fear that Mom was no longer around. I never saw them again after that, but I always remember her--a great Mom and truly a beautiful animal.
    Wish I knew how to post pics on here--I would love to share!

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    Red face jmho!

    And I note that suburban foxes always seem healthy, good weight and coats nice. But it still kinda makes me sad to see wild animals like that in development. Something we see a lot in this area.

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    Feb. 7, 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by wateryglen View Post
    But it still kinda makes me sad to see wild animals like that in development.
    Yeah I agree with you on that. While it's SO nice to see them--it doesn't "feel" right when you see them among the cars & "people" things. So much nicer to see them in their own environment! (which is why I enjoyed my encounters so much--they were behind a field which backed up to the woods)

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    Default Foxes in Suburbia

    Don't fret Wateryglen - I took some time several years ago to read up a little on Foxes in the city. I was sad to know that I had a hand in displacing them when I moved to a house farm. I felt a little better after reading that they do quite well among us.

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    Mar. 16, 2007


    We have a good number of fox and coyote in suburban Detroit. I sometimes wonder if the fox are being pushed in to suburbia by the flood of coyote that inhabit the farms further out.

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