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    Nov. 28, 2008

    Default small tendon tear

    I know someone looking at a horse, very nice one, and the previous owner has disclosed that the horse suffered a small tear of the tendon. The owner says that the horse has had ultrasounds and has made a full recovery and has been sound ever since. Horse is still young- is that injury something that you should stay away from?

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    does the horse have a positive show record post rehab?

    that is the only way I would buy a horse that had previously been injured.
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    Feb. 20, 2010
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    What does she plan to do with the horse*? My mare suffered a pretty significant tendon tear at age 18 and fully recovered with stall rest, so a young horse with a minor tear will likely be fine for many disciplines. If I really liked the horse I'd ask for the horse's records from the injury and ask my vet for an opinion, with a view of what I wanted to do with the horse.

    * sorry, obv H/J but how high is she aiming?

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    Nov. 28, 2008


    The horse does have a show record from that point on- at 3ft consistently and thats about the height my friend will want to go. However, The horse is not cheap so I was trying to get her to think abotu resale value, etc

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    Whether I would buy a horse with that kind of history would depend on:

    1. How much I liked the horse (ie, he'd really have to be something very special.)

    2. What my vet said about the state of the tendon (ultrasound will usually show the fiber alignment pattern in the tendon; if it's significantly disrupted, which is common - ie, scar tissue - the chance of reinjury is higher.)

    3. How much of a discount the sale price represented compared to what the horse would bring without that history (and it would have be significant for me to consider purchasing the horse.)

    The above presumes I'd be buying for myself, not for resale, because I wouldn't touch one with this history for a resale situation.
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    I would say be careful. If he has made a full recovery I would just be nervous about the possibility of re-tearing it. You would have to be very careful with warming up and cooling down and just doing everything you can to keep that tendon ok. I know a dressage horse who tore the same tendon three times in a row.

    Ask for a free lease for a month or so, and if everything seems good then go for it. (also the free lease will assure that the horse isnt drugged, i don't think this applies but there are alot of sleazy sellers out there)
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    You need to know more than just "small tear." Find out what structure, when injured, and what the horse has done since then. I agree with other posters that I'd want an ultrasound of the injury site to see how the tendon looks now.

    Not to be cynical, but there are probably *lots* of horses on the market with old, small, *undisclosed* tendon tears. Many horses come back from these minor injuries with the right treatment and rehab and never have another problem. I would not rule this one out just because the seller is ethical enough to tell you, especially if it has an extensive show history post-recovery.

    But there are lots of different kinds of soft tissue injuries and lots of kinds of healing. I'd want to know all the details before making a decision.

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