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    Default Chiro vs. Acupuncture benefits/drawbacks

    My TB needs regular upkeep on his back to stay happy - he lets me know when it's time for an adjustment In the past I have used both chiro and acupuncture to treat him, and have seen great results from both.

    It's a bit of a toss up if I will go with chiro or acu, looking for some more information to help me choose the best option.

    What are your experiences with using these methods, and what have you found to work the best for your horse?


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    Jan. 21, 2010


    I've found chiro works best for "maintenance". All of my horses are regularly maintained with chiropractic work. I've used aquapuncture (B-vitamins) for "maintenance" before in addition to chiro, but didn't see a difference compared to chiro alone. I have never tried acupuncture alone for maintenance, as chiro has always been just the ticket.

    I'm now a huge fan of acupuncture for acute injuries/pain relief. It has done amazing things for my gelding who's in the hospital for a severe lameness (see other thread: WWYD (euthanasia?). His acupuncturist was able to get him to flex the leg like no one else could. I also like massage therapy as well, both for chronic & acute pain/discomfort.

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    Your best option is to find a vet that specializes in chiro and acupuncture. That way your horse really gets what it needs. My vet who specializes uses both. It is very important to make sure the muscles are relaxed so that any adjustments stay. That is where the acupuncture really helps with a chiro. If the muscles are treated the same time as the skeleton is, then the horse will stay adjusted better, and longer, and will have better results.

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    Yes, get a vet that does both. An adjustment followed up with acu is the best option. I prefer acu in general, and when I had my horse checked regularly, typically he found he didn't need an adjustment, usually just acupuncture. And there are several types of acupuncture available these days, so it's really a great option.

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