You know the one, there is always one in every town. Well, Friday I went back to my little home town for some New Years fun and to catch up with pals. I go to my old local watering hole (aptly named the Sunset Grill) and commence the fun.

There is a guy kind of trolling around touching people. I mean, not aggressively just weirdly. He is a toucher. I offhandedly remarked as he came near where I was sitting that it would not be a good idea to touch me as he would get hurt. That was a good move since he turned and went elsewhere to touch people.

Me and another gal pal decide to go to another place down the road. It's about a quarter mile and tradition is we walk. So, we start walking. Freak Parade pulls up next to us and offers a ride. Of course we say no, he insists. Again and again. And again. Finally, my pal and I let him have it. I mean, what, is he going to drive 3 mph all the way next to us?? Of course, now he is mad and (wait for it.. ) peels out as best he can in an anger fit in his super cool front wheel drive minivan.

Last year, right before I moved I was hounded and stalked by a guy who met me like two times in the early '90s. He was constantly amazed and enraged that I didn't remember specific conversation, etc from 1992. He would also circle in. Like, seriously, circle closer every time he saw me. I would have to loudly point it out and demand he stop circling.

Dang. People are freaky.