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    Default Parents Pushing Kids Towards Acting

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    No, I don't think anyone is pushing their kids into this career. Do some try? Sure. But it's always been like that.

    My daughter is starting acting classes. The ONLY reason she's taking acting classes is because her sister is taking gymnastics, which she doesn't want to participate in, and the acting classes are on a day which works for all of us.

    I am pretty sure it won't be her life calling, but while she's eight years old, it will be fun.

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    It's not impossible to have a career as an actor. In fact, it's very possible and there are a lot of people who do it.

    Kids can have a lot of fun in acting classes and going to auditions. They also can learn a lot about meeting new adults, presenting themselves well, etc. These are skills that will help them in life.

    Most of the kids who work, at least IMO, are relatively normal kids. Some are homeschooled but some go to regular school and do other activities. Many are bright, inquisitive kids with lots of enthusiasm. Some come from acting/movie families; others were begging their parents to find them an agent by the time they were 8. Not unlike if they wanted to swim or play soccer or ride horses.

    Stage parents can be a problem but unless those kids are extraordinary (and some are), you don't hire them for that reason.

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