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    Aug. 22, 2000

    Default It's all broken!

    Lately it seems like everything is breaking and cant be completely fixed.
    In 2010 I had a basement flood and had to have a sump pump installed. Furnace gave out and had to be replaced. In the process the furnace guys lost the cap to the sump pump.
    Horse has more veterinary treatment and becomes servicably sound in July. He dumps me in August. Now I am not servicably sound. Hurt my side and it is still sore! Painkillers are not good for the stomach, but necessary. Get back to riding the horse and he is not sound. Another vet visit and the opinion is he is likely to be easy-trail-ride-sound only. No trails at current barn.
    Computer died - forgot how to open Windows. Not worth fixing. Still trying to adjust settings on new computer!
    Christmas Eve I called Alzhiemer dad 65 miles away to tell him I am coming to visit. He tells me that "everything is wrong!!!" So I have a visit and we go out to lunch and I try to make him happy. Unfortunately he is at the stage where he has, at times, enough clarity to know what he has lost and what restrictions are in place.
    I come home to find that my toilet is leaking. I put a pan under the leak and hope to get it fixed after the holiday.
    The blizzard knocks down eight panels of my stockade fence and breaks three posts. The fence is three years old and I had to replace posts last winter! I string snow fence to keep the dogs in (Staple guns are wonderful things!), but have to wait for the ground to thaw for a more permanent fix.
    I call my "handyman" When he arrives, he is in a knee brace and using a cane!!! Even my repair guy is broken! He figures he can fix the toilet and as long as he is at it, I decide to have him replace the faucet that leaks and the drain plug that is broken as well as replace the showerhead. I go to Home Depot and get the fixtures and he comes today to fix it. Fixes the toilet and gets to work on the sink. Some difficulties getting corroded pipes apart but then he is putting in the faucet. Uh oh. The knob you pull to close the drain is on the back of the faucet. At an angle. And there is not room behind the faucet for it to move. He tries fiddling with it to see if it can work. I check the local stores to see if I can get a different model from the same company since the drain piece is already installed. Nope. HD is too far away. Installed it with the drain open. It does not close. Faucet works nice tho...
    This followed a visit to the gastroenterologist in which the PA told me that my gastritis and esophagitis was worse and we will try new medicine but it was not something you can permanently fix. So what else is new?
    So here's hoping that 2011 will find fewer things breaking and refusing to be fixed properly!

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    For the drain why don't you just get an old fashioned drain plug for now. And when you replace the fence posts put in metal ones and you'll only have to do it once. When I lived in Colorado it would get very windy, and a fence expert said the way everyone did stockade fence (with the pickets tight against each other vertically) made it tougher to keep the fence up. He suggested that when installing pickets you nail or screw one up and use another picket thickness between the next picket as a spacer (about an inch or so) to allow the wind to go through instead of hit a solid barrier-a friend that used this method had a fence that stayed up for almost 20 years. I hope things improve for you, and that 2011 makes up for 2010.
    You can't fix stupid-Ron White

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    Aug. 22, 2000


    For the drain, it has the stopper in the up position. Not a big problem - I dont usually fill the sink anyway. Just aggravating to buy something and find it so poorly designed.
    For the fence, I will look into metal posts. Dont know about removing slats - I have little dogs! I could deal with the panels coming down if the posts stayed up - no big deal to stick the panel back on. Thinking about adding posts mid-panel on those still up and plumb. Posts are just not strong enough but dont really want to dig them all out to replace!

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    Dallas, TX


    Just think everything broke in 2010 so now its all new stuff going into 2011.

    I hope 2011 is much better for you.

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