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    Default Grumpy Broodmare

    My mare is in foal and due June 1st. This is her 2nd foal. She has been not been bred for last 2 years. She is a total and complete B#&$h!! She was never this way with her first and maiden pregnancy...she kicks in her stall, rings her teeth on stall and pasture gate and is down right MEAN to her pasture mate.And she is HUGE in foal!!
    She was ultrasounded at appropriate times to check for twins and none detected, but now I wonder, she is just sooo uncomfortable..and so big...but everyone says I said she was soo big with the first foal, at this time of year, except that one was due early March and came March 6th.
    Have more experienced breeders found that mares tend to behave differently from pregnancy to pregnancy just like us humans do?Or are they pretty steady eddy? Am I just being a nervous grandma??

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    We have noticed this with one of our broodmares as well, whereas with other mares, you don't even know they're in foal--they act like themselves throughout the whole pregnancy. Personally, I like my drama queen, because it's easier to predict when she's going to foal! My one mare is so stoic that it's hard to predict when she's going to foal, so I really have to rely on milk testing!

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