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    Default Bandaging for Dummies?

    I am looking for ideas for a bandage that could easily be applied by a person who does not have the skill to apply a proper standing bandage.

    My mare has chronic mild edema in a hind leg secondary to a prior fracture. On occasion the swelling will get markedly worse. When the leg is very swollen, I cold hose it, and wrap it. This helps tremendously. Since I am living over an hour away from where she is kept, I am not always able to come out the day it flares. The mare lives at my parents farm, but they are not skilled in wrapping the leg of a 17 hand TB mare.

    I envision something like a stockinette placed on people that have had surgery. Something like an "all in one" bandage that could be placed until I can get there to apply a proper standing wrap. It would have to be pretty fool proof, to avoid a bow. It would need to be easily applied, not too technical. It would need to be able to have some supportive properties to it, to help with the edema.

    Any thoughts? ideas? I am also looking for ideas for a hock wrap with the same criteria as well.


    ps. Yes, the mare has been worked up at New Bolton. NB said even with aggressive and yes, expensive treatment, the chances of resolving the swelling permanently is slim. Please don't flame me. She is happy, eating and remarkably enough, walking around as if it was not bothering her.

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    What about the Back on Track quickwraps? or another kind of all in one bandage?

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    perhaps this?
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    Tell a Gelding. Ask a Stallion. Discuss it with a Mare... Pray if it's a Pony!

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    Callmegold: Do you have any experience with the Back on Track ones? I don't know if they would apply an even pressure that would be needed. Your thoughts?

    Ghazzu: you scared me there for a minute.. I googled "presage" and thought you were predicting this thread to be a trainwreck! ACK! Have you ever used these bandages? they look pretty fool proof. I wonder if they have some significant stretch to them? The mare's leg become VERY large!


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    honestly, the best thing is for you to show them how to do it. Nothing beats the in-the-moment "that's not quite right". Show them how you do it, then have them do it with you supervising. Have them do it a few times with you there.
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