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    Aug. 10, 2008
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    Default Return to Riding ?

    I am a cancer survivor, first diagnosed in 2002. I had chemo several times and am just now two years from a stem cell transplant, where I spent 60 days in the hospital in one of those 'no germ' rooms flat on my back in a bed. I am 65 and a bit overweight and way out of shape, plus I have asthma. I know how to ride, I've been on one horse in the last couple of years and all the old knowledge came back with a 'CLICK', if that makes sense. Knew my diagonals and leads, could put the horse between my hand and my leg.

    But I am so out of shape, with very little energy at all. Just none. My husband and I are both retired, and have a cleaning lady, and all we do is putter around the house. My sister keeps my horse worked, and my husband is happy for me to just go out and see them, and go to shows with her.

    Has anyone else every made it back as a rider after several years of not riding, when they were so out of shape? I find myself wondering if it is worth it, to even try.

    And yes, I'd like some cheese with that wine.

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    Get out. Get on. Even if all you do is sit on the horse that first time, it is a step in the right direction. Horse doesn't mind if all you do is walk on a lead with a friend or your sister. Your strength will return. If you still desire riding, go for it!

    I have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor, who also broke a leg and had back surgery (fusion) all in the same 5-6 year period. She never gave up her horses, battled back each time to get back on and show on the A circuit. It can be done!

    Bundle up, saddle up and do it!
    Proud member of the "Don't rush to kill wildlife" clique!

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    Default Jingles for you to be back in the saddle soon~

    Jingles for you to be back in the saddle soon ~

    Yes, if you love to ride very worth it ~

    Good Luck and Enjoy ~
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT"S A WONDERFUL LIFE !"

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    Nov. 7, 2006
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    I'd give it a go...... I was afraid to ride after smashing an ankle (nothing to do with horses - walking my Corgi). I went for lessons (with my horse) at a therapeutic riding center - figured they would be used to dealing with disabilities. Great experience, and am now back riding. I'm 60, and just walk/trot, but heck - IT IS STILL RIDING!!!!
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