Vet is on their way out, but since I had a horrible experience with a previous horse with epilepsy, I am a little freaked out about what happened with my jumper Sunday. Was taking a lesson, horse was jumping fantastic. Stopped for a walk break, and when I went to pick up the trot he did the weirdest thing. It was like he was spooking at something on the ground, and his head dropped down and it felt like he was going to go out from underneath me. Did it twice more, we waited a few seconds, and then picked up the trot and he was 100% sound. Jumped 2 jumps and it started happening again. Trainer hopped on, she felt it and I could see it. It was like he was kind of putting all his weight to the left, but then losing his balance a little, but it would happen for like 1-2 seconds and then he was fine. We figured maybe it was a muscle spasm or something was pinching him. Cooled him out and put him away. I brought him out yesterday on the lunge line to see how he would be, and he did the same thing, but more dramatically. Hit his knee on the ground actually. But then trotted off like nothing had happened. He is bright-eyed, perky, no temp, eating great and is 100% sound when he is not taking that weird step. Saddle was custom fit to him and I have had it almost a year with no problems. Vet thinks it could be a pinched nerve. Anyone have any experience with this or have something similar happen?