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    Default Blanketing in wet/snowy weather

    I have two horses at home and typically do not blanket them. They are not ridden at all during the winter and I am away at school so it makes things a little easier on my parents, who take care of the horses. The two of them get very fuzzy and always have access to in and out stalls. I have an older mare (26) who lately has been choosing to stand outside in the snow, even to the point that she is wet and shivering. I've been putting a medium weight blanket on her during the wet weather and then taking it off as soon as the snow stops because she gets very upset when locked in a stall.
    If I'm only doing this when it snows, is that okay? I feel a little bad taking the blanket off of her after it's been on for a day and it's 25 degrees out but she never seems cold. I could blanket her for the winter if I had to, but I know that the spring can be a lot of work when it warms up during the day and they end up needing a few blanket changes per day.
    Does that sound okay to do just during wet weather? Even on the coldest days she is fine as long as she isn't getting wet.


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    That's perfectly fine, and it's how my Winters work. Blankets go on when things are wet enough. It takes much more cold+wind than it does cold+wet for my horses to get cold.

    It was 16* last night with wind chills in the single digits. The fat boys were nekked. I did blanket the mare because she gets colder, faster, and she doesn't need to lose weight.

    They all had blankets on when it snowed Xmas, and overnight, because it was a wet, heavy snow, and their coats were almost wet to the skin. Next morning, even though it was still spitting, was hardly above 20, and not sunny, blankets came off, and they were perfectly fine and happy
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    That's pretty much what I'm doing with my elderly pony. I just bought him a mid-weight insulated rain sheet, which I put on him when there is snow blowing around and wind chills are in the -20 Celsius range. I take it off again if the sun is out, the temperature rises, or the wind stops blowing. He has a very thick coat, but at his age, doesn't seem to be able to thermoregulate very well any more.

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    that's exactly what I am doing with my horse since he's not getting worked this winter either. i was worried the first time i took off the blanket after a storm but his hair fluffed back up in a couple hours and he looked perfectly content.

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