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    Default Audio Electronics question

    Do they die when they aren't used?

    I have a sound system that hasn't been used for a couple of years. It was working fine the last time I used it. It consists of an NAD amplifier and a very old Magnovox CD player and a set of small KEF speakers.

    Today I turned the system on. I'm getting power to the CD and and amp, but no sound. The CD shows that it is trying to play, since the timer for the tracks is moving. I've disconnected all the connections and reconnected, read the manual for the amp and I have all the right buttons pushed. But no sound.

    Is the system a goner? Does it just need cleaning?

    Any suggestions or advice?
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    Try cleaning the eye - it may help.
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    Components can fail "just sitting there". Also, if the unit has been left plugged in, a lightning or power surge could have zapped it.

    Check and see of there's a reset button on the back of the player and/or amp.

    If the counter on the CD player is working, the "eye" is reading data from the disc.

    On the back of the amp are several pairs (left & right) of input jacks. Select an unused pair, set the function switch to that input (phono, tape, aux, etc.) and slide a small metal object about 3/4 inch into the appropriate jack. You should hear a hum in one of the speakers if the amp is working. Make sure the volume is set fairly low.

    If you do get hum, try plugging the CD player into that pair of jacks.

    If the amp has those connectors that the speaker wires push into, try reconnecting the wires. Those connectors are notorious for losing their grip on the wires. Also, try plugging in a set of headphones and see if they work.

    Feel free to PM me if those tricks don't work.
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