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    Oct. 29, 2009

    Default Reading training books on a Kindle

    So who else got a Kindle for Christmas? I love mine and have been playing around with it for the last few hours, but as I searched for horse books, it became apparent that none of the good eventing books are available yet for the Kindle (such as books by Jimmy Wofford, Sally O'Connor, Bruce Davidson, etc). But when I did search these books on Amazon, there is a link on the left side of the page below the book that says "Tell the publisher that I'd like to read this book on Kindle". So if you too would like some of these books available on the Kindle, then please click the link so that the publishers will hopefully do it! I will admit that I do prefer reading these as a hardcopy, but buying it on Kindle is much cheaper, and you can start reading it instantly!

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    Oct. 20, 2008
    Sunshine State


    While I LOVE my kindle dearly, it is much better suited to text than to any book that is diagram or photo heavy. Although the print size can be adjusted, the photo size is usually one size only (small)

    That said, I do have my rule books uploaded via PDF and my Kindle is perfect for bringing along to shows and on trips! I wouldn't give it up but it does have it's strong points and weak points.

    I realize that the technology is still quite young and my husband and I were discussing the fact that our son will probably not have the traditional college textbook buying experience that we had.... I believe that one day, most/all books will be available primarily in digital format. You can still buy CDs today but almost everyone I know buys digital music now.

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    Nov. 16, 2004
    NE Indiana


    I got a nook color and immediately searched for horse related books to download. Unfortunately there weren't many available and during my search I was sadly exposed to the reality that horses are a common subject in literary erotica ...I wish I never knew that.

    I won't replace every book with my nook. I love my instructional books (like Sylvia Loche) and can't imagine reading them in a smaller format.

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    Sep. 8, 1999
    Libertyville, IL USA


    I find some books I would just rather have in print. Horse books especially.

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    Jan. 16, 2002
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    Love my Kindle dearly, but not for books with a lot of graphics/photos. It is strictly for fun reading. The ipad is actually good for books with images, though, and since ipad and Kindle play very well together and I never am more than 10 feet from my ipad, I can make "picture-heavy" books work that way.

    I always click the little button saying "please put this book on Kindle" when I look at horse books!
    Click here before you buy.

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    Dec. 27, 1999
    Midland, NC, USA


    Got a Kindle for christmas too! So far I'm working on the second book I downloaded....

    Agree that books with diagrams/photos probably won't be a top choice....


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    Jan. 3, 2006


    Got a Kindle too - (love it!) but didn't think that it would be good for photo and diagram-heavy books. As for training - I prefer to do that in the saddle!

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    Aug. 4, 2008
    Haverhill, MA


    JWB - brilliant idea on the rule books!! Will do that soon! Thank you! I will download my dressage tests, too!!!

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