I logged onto YouTube this evening to watch a few videos, and decided to go through my videos. Found several that could go, like the ones of that witch of a mare we sold over the summer So then I thought I was fantastically organized and said, "I'll make PLAYLISTS" because wouldn't that be great.


So I start by making a playlist of all of my gelding's videos. Very cool. Then I make one for DH's beloved mare. Cool. Then I go back and click on these playlists, thinking myself oh-so clever.

Videos GONE. All gone. All Atlas, all Clare, gone. Shows me the playlist list, the two names "Atlas" playlist and "Clare" playlist, but it says DELETED.

I can't find any link through which I can actually contact YouTube. There are Help Articles, which are generally unhelpful, and the forums, where anyone OR their brother can post whatever they want whether it's the actual answer or not.

So can anyone tell me if anything can be done? Can these be recovered? I'm pretty sure I have all of Atlas 2010 videos saved on my computer, but the ones from last year? Don't think so. Clare's? Don't think so. CRAP crap crap.

The moral of the story is don't play smart on YouTube and click boxes after having partaken to too much holiday "cheer" at the neighbors place. Sh!t.

Any ideas?