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    Default Lactose Intolerance Spinoff: Fructose

    I have also developed intolerance problems later in life. It sucks to have to be careful about food after a lifetime of eating whatever you want! In my case, eating sugar of almost any type causes the lactose intolerance type symptoms so well described in the other thread. I know I should see a doctor, and I intend to, but has anyone here experienced the same thing? Cake, cookies and candy are the worst. Confusingly, I can tolerate honey somewhat better. I've heard of fructose intolerance, but not sucrose... Ugh, it's a bummer during the holidays!
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    feel free to message me... I have gluten, sugar (anything processed in any way shape or form) and dairy...

    It crashes my whole metabolism...

    Soy and any kind of aspartame (splenda, etc.) give me instant asthma. If I stay away from all those things- I'm an athlete... work out every day, super high energy levels, etc.
    But on those things... I am MISERABLE...
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