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    Default Smartphones?

    I'm thinking about getting a smartphone. But I carry my phone in my pocket. Clearly, there is a tradeoff between clarity and size/convenience. I've been looking at the Droid X. But its HUGE! I couldn't carry that in my pocket. So, what do you do with your smartphone? Which one do you have/recommend? Must be Verizon for me.

    The thought has crossed my mind to keep my smaller phone and get a large smartphone separately. Verizon has a deal where you can add a smartphone to your family plan for free (nothing is free, you still have to add the data plan, but no line fee). Then I could carry my phone in my pocket and the smartphone in my purse. But what about the barn? Do I really need a smartphone at the barn? I definitely need a phone at the barn. Help.

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    Oct. 27, 2009


    I got the Droid Incredible in August and love it! I haven't had any issues with it so far and would highly recommend it
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    Dec. 21, 2009


    I have the Droid 2 and have had no problem putting it in my pocket. It's not small but size isn't really an issue.
    I had to put a special unlock pattern code on it though because it did keep pocket dialing people! Including my vet at midnight, oops...

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    Jan. 15, 2003


    My blackberry was very portable and tough. I still wasn't super thrilled with it, so when US Cellulars offered free phones last week, I traded up for an android powered Mesmerize. Love it, although I'm still figuring it out, and it isn't forwarding my emails to me as it should. When crowds calm down, I'll go back to the store for assistance.

    So, I've traded portability for a cooler phone...

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    I went in to US Cellular the other day to investigate the phones they were giving away, they had some cool ones, but.....they guy in there told me that they probably wouldn't fit my lifestyle. Meaning I would really risk breaking the screen by putting it in my back pocket when I'm at the barn I always have my bluetooth ear piece on and stick my phone in my pocket, I love being able to multitask at the barn, and I am a driver not a rider so it can stay in my pocket while I'm in the carriage.

    I was bummed because I thought it would be fun to have a new gadget but was grateful to the guy there for being honest with me about the shortcomings of the phone as far as my lifestyle is concerned.
    Kanoe Godby
    See, I was raised by wolves and am really behind the 8-ball on diplomatic issue resolution.

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    Go with Verizon...rumor has it the iphone is going there anyway and the Droids are fantastic. Besides the best rural and metro coverage they have the 4G network in test areas.

    My Verizon has simulators, etc, that walk you through how to use any of their phones and real people in the US to answer any questions if you call.

    Smart phones have to have a data package in addition to your regular bill though
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    Wait until January if you're on Verizon because they are going to be announcing the LTE-enabled Thunderbolt at CES. That phone is going to be awesome and also 4G.

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