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    Default Help with Stall Rest

    My best friend's 19yo heart horses was recently diagnosed with a comminuted fracture of the palmar aspect of the intermediate carpal. The mare has been determined not to be a surgical candidate and has been placed on 6mo strict stall rest

    I would really appreciate any hints/tips that have helped you guys get a horse through stall rest. This mare is normally outside on between 1-4 acres depending on the season with open access to a stall at all times. She is not accustomed to being a stalled horse.

    Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!

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    Lots of hay, no grain. Radio, stall rope gate, grooming and if needed, toys that hang like salt ball, etc unless they play too wild. Had one guy kicking at his hanging milk jug so it had to go..
    You can get the vet to give some drugs if needed, I've never used any except first turnout or walk, a little ACE for the wilder youngsters.
    I've had to stall 3-4 for injuries or surgery, they all did great.

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    A room with a view if you can provide one, lots of light and fresh air, some company, small-mesh haynets to allow lots of slow munching, frequent grooming, massage, and attention, little to no grain . . . and drugs.

    Keebler is still on stall rest but hacking now. He's comfortable in a large stall (14x14) at my trainer's barn but is still VERY much hyped up for his daily 30 minute ride. When he was only doing minimal handwalking I had him at home in a large (12x24) foaling stall that had two dutch doors looking out. He had other horses right outside his stall and a view of the whole property, nibble nets full of hay and for a cranky-by-nature guy he was actually very content.

    Stall toys seemed to do nothing but piss him off, so they were short-lived. His favorite thing was poking his head out into the sacrifice paddock where the other horses hang out and to just watch everything going on. The stall he's in now has a window but no close contact with other horses, which is a shame, but I have no place to ride him at home.
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