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    Default Moving from heated barn to...not heated. Any concerns for horse?

    Well, after 5 months of searching, I have found a new barn that seems to be pretty darn close to perfect. I am beyond excited to move, as things haven't been going so well where I am now.

    The place I'm at currently is insulated, and has a heated indoor, so pony has been clipped. There also has been no turnout for the past 2 months (don't get me started) other than in the arena, so he's a bit "climatized" to the warmth (and standing around)

    My guy is in his heavy blankie now, but I am worried about him adjusting when we move. It's going to be a lot colder in the barn, and he will actually be outside all day LOL! I don't want him to be uncomfortable or cold, so is there anything I need to do? Put more blankets on? Short turn out to start?

    The new BO is aware of the situation, and will be feeding extra hay inside and out, and will be monitoring him to make sure he's doing OK. I think he'll be too happy to be cold!

    No flames please, I am aware of the situation at current barn, and am not happy. I know it's taken me a long time to move, but I can't afford $600+ per month for board, which limits my options.

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    Yeah, be thankful you are moving him and hope the time in the heated hasn't been too hard on his lungs! Monitor his blankets, he may need more in the new place. Lots and lots of hay, and otherwise enjoy --he will be fine and healthier for being out of that heated environment which can be so hard on their breathing long-term.

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    Mar. 12, 2006
    Western South Dakota


    We had a horse come to western South Dakota from San Diego last fall. He had no hair and it was 10 degrees the day he arrived here. He was cold when he got off the trailer, no blanket on , but as soon as we put a couple of blankets on he warmed up and never again acted like the cold bothered him at all. Our barn is not heated, but is draft free. He did fine and really loved turnout where he would stand in the sun gazing off across the prairie.

    Horses, IMO, adjust to cold just fine. In fact I doubt we would heat our barn even if we could afford it.

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    Your BO is correct -- hay is what keeps a horse warm, not blankets. I have one thin haired TB boarder who is blanketed but otherwise on 24/7 turnout. He has free choice hay 24/7 and seems perfectly happy standing around and eating.

    Probably the best thing the OP is doing is getting her horse out of an environment where there is no turnout except for a heated indoor.
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    Your horse s/b more than fine in the new place.
    Unheated is healthier. As OPs have said their respiratory systems do not do well in what feels comfy to us.

    My new horse arrived 12/1 of last year from Florida.
    He was showclipped within an inch of his Life - ears, muzzle, the whole 9 yards!

    It was 50F the day he got here and I left him wearing the sheet he arrived in until the temps dropped to the 30s.
    Then I tossed on a midweight blanket and he completed the Winter wearing that (switched out with another midweight turnout when #1 got nasty).

    He never really grew a coat to speak of, but his neck, belly & legs fuzzed up a wee bit where he was unblanketed.

    He was originally from Australia & I (wrongly) believed he must have experienced cold weather - they have Winter, right?
    He was from Queensland - climate similar to Florida.

    This Fall he turned plushy.
    Think: Silk to Corduroy
    Nowhere near the Wooly Mammoth coats I am used to on horses.
    But even with temps down to the single digits he has done fine unblanketed.
    I only covered him up the night we had a snowstorm with winds up to 60mph and that was because he got soaked nearly to his skin.
    My horses have free access to their stalls 24/7 & he chose Out.
    *friend of bar.ka*RIP all my lovely boys, gone too soon:
    Steppin' Out 1988-2004
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