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    Default Sold Horse Updates - Etiquette?

    I sold my horse a year ago in November due to finances. I still miss him. In February or so his new owner let me know he had been diagnosed with severe kissing spines. Like, so severe the vet even mentioned euthanasia. Their treatment plan as of the summer was that they had injected him and he wasn't in pain right then, that she would wait for that to wear off and see where he was after rest and possibly some training.

    It's about time for those drugs to be wearing off according to the timetable she mentioned the last update I had from her.

    I am curious to know how he is. What's the etiquette about calling/emailing to ask? I don't want to be nosy or invasive, but I still think about him every day and I'm a bit worried.

    Although part of me doesn't want to ask because I'm afraid of bad news...

    TIA for the advice!

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    Purcellville, VA


    I would just email them and say "Hey _____, I have been thinking a lot about Peanut and wanted to know how he's doing. Hope your well, _____"

    Short, sweet and to the point.

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