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    Jul. 21, 2010

    Default Newish barefoot horse (SOUND) growing new soles

    So I have my mare barefoot for at least this winter as she is out on 24/7 pasture board, and we live in real winter. She's worn shoes for her whole previous life, and we didn't get the most comfortable transition for her - BUT she is 100% sound now, though not currently back in work yet as we are buried in snow.

    She does get herd turnout and lots of handwalking/ground work to keep her from getting bored and wreaking havoc around the place

    At our last farrier appointment, we found LOTS of false sole, which seems to be naturally seperating from the new growth and sloughing off. There is healthy, regular sole underneath, and both vet and farrier have seen her and think this is actually positive, as she will have really nice concavity developed once the false sole is gone.

    my question is - I'm worried about possible infection/thrush etc getting in under the parts of the sole that haven't come off yet. She stands in snow all day - some days deeper than others. What do you think would be good to prevent that? Coppertox?

    Anyone go through anything similar and have suggestions for things to watch out for? My farrier and vet have seen it happen, just not quite so dramatically on all 4 feet at once.

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    Jan. 6, 2010


    My first mare regrew her entire soles a couple of times in the course of founder recovery. I was careful to let them peel off naturally and try to keep large amounts of debris from building up under the old layer. Soaking her feet in a solution of apple cider vinegar was great for has terrific antibacterial/antifungal properties. Boots can help as well.

    This IS positive! She should end up with beautiful, healthy soles when the process is done.

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    Jun. 6, 2000
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    I don't think I'd do anything, unless the farrier and/or vet think you ought to. I had a similar experience with my mare when I first took her shoes off (several years ago): she had a layer of false sole on both front hooves that came off in pieces. She was fine.

    I'd worry about putting her in boots (when she seems to be doing fine) that you'll create the kind of warm humid atmosphere that thrush likes. The vinegar wouldn't do that, and prob. wouldn't hurt, but I doubt it's needed. Again, if you're worried you should talk to the farrier or vet.

    Good luck.
    "The formula 'Two and two make five' is not without its attractions." --Dostoevsky

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    Feb. 5, 2010


    If you're really worried, I would do a White Lightning treatment or two. If the horse doesn't have thrush and you're just worried about preventing it, you can spray a 50/50 solution of apple cider vinegar and water and that will do the trick (without doing any damage to healthy hoof tissue, like a lot of commercial thrush remedies and bleach/water).

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    Nov. 13, 2010


    I wouldn't be concerned about thrush. As long as you're picking her feet out on a regular basis she shouldn't develop thrush under the false sole. I love snow for the horses feet, it keeps them cleaner than any other type of footing! If you're concerned about thrush or think she's developing some, try using a liquid thrush treatment. My favorite is Banixx as it won't kill new tissue. It comes in a spray bottle and I use it as a preventative. I just spray the entire foot. It's clear liquid so it's not going to stain anything.
    You could also soak in one of the many different soaks they have for thrush.
    It's important to let the false sole come off on it's own though, so try not to go digging under it too much with a hoof pick as you could accidently make it come off.
    come what may

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    Feb. 19, 2006
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    Worry about thrush on/around the frog, not the sole. If you have false sole coming out, you will have a healthy new live sole very soon with wet snowy weather. Snow is awesome for cleaning the foot. Its abrasive and cleansing actually. Just pick feet regularly and I think youll have no problems.

    I like Thrushbuster for a topical. It is gentle but strong and fast acting to kill nasties. Ive tried it on abcesses and some of the worst founder and thrush ever seen.

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    Jul. 21, 2010


    Thanks guys!

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