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    Jan. 10, 2010
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    Question Thin Soles???

    I had a "substitute" farrier trim my horses this week while my regular farrier is away. He told me that my 3 year old gelding had thin soles and so will need to either wear boots or be shod (with pads) when we start riding him. He said that is probably why he stumbles so much - because it hurts him to walk. We just thought he was clumbsy.

    I have boots (I use them for trail riding with my other horses), so I will measure him and order him a pair before we break him in the spring, but I can't show in boots so the only option for me would be to eventually shoe him.

    I really hate to put shoes on a horse if I don't need to, but I am not fanatically anti-shoes, if it needs to be done then I will do it, especially if it will make him more comfortable. But I just usually like to leave shoeing as a last resort.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experience with this issue??? Is there anyway to improve the thickness of the sole? Any suggestions.

    His hooves themselves grow really fast - I can't go more than 6 weeks without getting them trimmed. The shape of his hoof is really good and his hoof wall is really strong and healthy. He has lots of turnout since the day he was born (24/7 turnout from May to October and then about 15 hours/day turnout in the winter). This colt is turning out to be my "special child", since her also has hock spurs and early signs of arthritis. He is definitely going to be a lifer - thank goodness the husband is in love with him.

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    Does your farrier have xray vision?

    Before I got too upset I would have my vet out to take radiographs.

    If you put on your really REALLY big girl panties you could always post photos of his feet...

    On second thought, big girl panties plus a stiff adult beverage would be best before posting hoof photos.

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    My draft-X was diagnosed with thin soles and I don't like shoes either. So I use Cavallo Simple Boots when we go out on the trail. She hasn't needed them as much in an arena where the footing is soft, but if I'm taking her for a full day of arena work, she wears the boots.

    Just curious -- Why can't you show in boots?

    There are a few sole hardeners on the market that seem to help, like Durasole.
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    One of my boarder's horse was diagnosed with the same, initially by the farrier then we had to have X rays for a different issue and it confirmed the diagnosis.

    Moreso than stumbling, this horse had issue w/ abscessing and overall pain in the feet during ringwork. Unpleasant, sour expression 75% of the time. We did go to pads ( he was already shod) and it has made a 100 % difference in him. It is BaysnGrays horse so maybe she'll chime in.
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