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    Default Strange injury to neck muscle?

    Recently acquired a horse back into training after he had been with another trainer. The horse's left side of neck (where you would give an IM shot) is completely collapsed in an area the size of my open hand. Horse is sometimes ouchy to touch there, not all the time. Prefers to bend right u/s, stretching out the left side. Having a more difficult time getting him to take left rein.
    Could this be a reaction to past fall vaccinations (3 in left side at previous farm), or a training issue. Horse's neck was well developed and full in past. Any advice/experience??

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    Could be the results of something like a banamine shot....the carrier for the medication is extremely irritating to tissue and can cause tissue loss (which then becomes a great area for anaerobic bacteria growth such as clostridium should the site be contaminated....the main reason, as I understand it, that banamine is not recommended for IM injections).

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    Had a gelding react to a rhino shot with a big swelling (softball-ish), then eventually became a sunken area that was pretty tender. The sunken area is markedly lower than the 'shot' area, but because we watched the whole process over a series of months, we know that IS what happened.

    It eventually returned to quasi-normal, there's a 'dent' that my index finger just barely fits in sideways-takes up the first two and half 'joints' of my finger, right on the lower curve of his neck. It's definitely scar tissue in there-feels hard, tight, and he's stiff on that side, has been ever since, but it isn't disfiguring, Isn't sensitive any longer.

    However, that horse will never get a rhino shot again. Interestingly enough, the horses dam AND half sister both reacted the same way to rhino vax, though the gelding is the only one that actually scarred. Perhaps he was bit/kicked while swollen, who knows?

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    This is could also happen by injecting penicilin into the is too viscuos to be injected in that area and can cause the softball sized swelling mentioned above. If this happens, the swelling can cause abscesses/death of underlying tissues if not treated quickly and aggressively.

    In the future, I would avoid giving IM injections in to this horse's neck and go elsewhere just in case.
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